3G Mobile Services


How much data will I use while viewing video ?

If you™re downloading a video that’s meant for a mobile screen, 1mb per minute is a good rule of thumb. Using this rule, a 4 minute video clip would use around 4MB of your daily or monthly allowance. If the video was meant for a TV or PC Screen, or it is over 5 min long, we wouldn’t recommend downloading it to your phone, as it may struggle to play it back And you may not have enough storage space on your phone. A better solution for your mobile is to stream the Video.

Can I get 3G broadband without plugging a USB modem or data card ?

Yes, 3G broadband can be accessed through Handset supporting 3G.

How can I search and download a specific movie from a specific site ?

You can log on to the required website by using 3G service of BSNL. Alternatively, you can download a specific movie by surfing BSNL 3G portal

Can I upload any user generated content through 3G ?

You can upload any thing to internet cloud through 3G as 3G is a media to access internet cloud

Maximum file size to upload

You can upload any file size. Large file size requires more time to upload

Will I be paid for the content ?

The internet cloud on which you upload contents may pay you for your content and not the 3G service provider.

Can I create my own website through 3G server ?


What is the difference between WI-MAX , WI -FI (wireless internet) and 3G ?

WI-MAX & WI-FI are primarily for internet/data service whereas 3G is for internet/data as well as voice service. Roaming facility in case of 3G is better as compared to these services.

Is 3G broadband experience the same as broadband at home (wire line) ?

In 3G broadband, the connectivity speed will be almost comparable to the wire line broadband.

What all contents would be available in 3G services ?

Mobile TV, Mobile Broadband, Video calls, Movies, Video PRBT etc.

What are the different type of data card/devices to access Mobile Broadband?

There are two types of data card 1. HSDPA card PCMCIA based 2. HSDPA card USB based and can be connected respectively at PCMCIA slot and USB port of Laptop . These are plug and play devices. The download speed presently available with these cards is 3.6 Mbps. In due course other types of cards will also be available.