Internet Leased Line                                                                                Internet Tariff

Port Charges of Internet Leased Line Services

Handsome discounts are available to the Enterprise Customers on the below mentioned card rates.Please contact local Enterprise Office of BSNL.

Tariff for port charges of internet leased line service is given below :
Bandwidth range Annual Tariff for 1:1 ILL
(in Rs.)
Annual Tariff for 1:2 ILL
(in Rs.)
Annual Tariff for 1:4 ILL
(in Rs.)
64 Kbps to 155 Mbps For tariff and other commercial information please contact your nearest BSNL Office/Commercial officer of your area/Enterprise Business unit of BSNL or Head of the SSA/Circle of your area.
  • The charges for intermediate bandwidths will be on proportionate basis.
  • Local lead charges shall be applicable in MTNL area on back-to-back payment basis.
  • The above charges also include local lead charges if local lead is provided on existing media within the local telephone system area. If the customer is not located in the local telephone system area, 50% discount on local lead charges will be applicable for bandwidth of 2 Mbps & above.
  • There would not be any difference in tariff for ISP and Non-ISP categories.
  • The discount, including dicount to educational Institutions and loyalty discount, already provided to the existing customers will not be applicable on the new tariff. However customers will migrate to the revised tariff after the expiry of the commitment period. The Circles will have to revise the discount on the new tariff to the existing customers..
  • The above mentioned tariff is applicable w.e.f. 01-04-2012.
  • The tariff of leased line internet ports of capacity STM-4, STM-16 (2.5G) and STM (10G) may be determined by multiplying the tariff of Internet leased line of STM-1 by the coefficient specified below w.e.f. 22-9-09

Capacity Coefficient
STM-4 3.1
STM-16 (2.5G) 8.6
STM-64 (10 G) 26.7
  • For Detailed Enquiry and for Application contact nearest Customer Service Centre or commercial officer of your area