Leased Tariff

6) Time dependent B/W

The MLLN system is capable of providing differential time dependent bandwidth on request. Subject to network capability following parameters shall be considered while accepting the requests of subscribers:
  • Minimum period: One month and in multiples thereof. In case demand for lesser duration, the charges shall be levied for minimum period of one month.
  • Minimum time per day: 6 hours. In case of request for lesser time per day, the charges shall be levied for minimum 6 hours per day.
  • Only B/W up gradation of B/W shall be allowed: The down gradation is not permitted. For example a 512 kbps circuit may be allowed to become 1024 kbps for a minimum 6 hours per day (other 18 hours it may remain as 512 kbps), but a 512 kbps circuit cannot be downgraded to 128 kbps for any period in a day.
  • Tariff:
    • Time dependent higher B/W charges per month:
      {Difference in charges of two bandwidths per month} X 1.5(fixed) X hours per day (minimum 6 hours)/ 24.
    • harges for period more than one month but less than one year: In multiples of one month.
    • Charges for one year or more (at one time):
      (Monthly charges as per (i.) above X number of months) less 15% as discount. The period beyond 1 year shall be in multiples complete month only.