Prepaid Landline (Prepaid fixed telephony)

Under this service BSNL is introducing a prepaid fixed telephony as is available on mobile telephony. Users of prepaid fixed telephony don’t have to pay any rental. He ( User) will pay only for the outgoing calls he made from his fixed telephony.

NGN will also offer the Fixed line Prepaid services on the similar lines as BSNL offer prepaid services to its mobile customers. This means you do not have to pay fixed monthly charges for your fixed line telephone but can recharge your NGN fixed telephone as and when you require.

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Prepaid Landline tariff plan:-

S. No. Particulars Tariff for Pre-paid Landline Connection
1. Registration
2. Installation charges NIL
3. Instrument charges Rs. 625/- for CLIP instrument, if provided by BSNL.
4. Security deposit NIL
5. Initial subscription Voucher (First time on activation of new connection • Subscription Voucher of Rs. 200/- for validity of 30 Days only, Rs. 200/- talk value and Rs. 0.80/MCU
6. Top up cum validity vouchers
  1. Rs. 99/- talk value Rs. 95/- only. 7 Days validity. 0.80/MCU Charge
  2. Rs. 100/- talk value Rs. 80/- only. 15 Days validity. 0.80/MCU Charge
  3. Rs. 250/- talk value Rs. 200/- only. 30 Days validity. 0.80/MCU Charge
  4. Rs. 500/- talk value Rs. 400/- only. 30 Days validity. 0.80/MCU Charge
  5. Rs. 1000/- talk value Rs. 800/- only. 60 Days validity. 0.70/MCU Charge
  6. Rs. 2000/- talk value Rs. 1800/- only. 90 Days validity. 0.70/MCU Charge
  7. Rs. 5000/- talk value Rs. 4500/- only. 365 Days validity. 0.65/MCU Charge
  8. Rs. 10000/- talk value Rs. 10500/- only. 365 Days validity. 0.65/MCU Charge
7. Special Tariff Voucher Rs. 100/- National Calling STV; 30 days validity; Unlimited Calls to any network within circle
8. ISD Call charges Call charges as per landline plan of pulse duration 60 secs.


A. Disconnection of O/G facility immediately after expiry of validity period or talk value whichever
is earlier.
B. Grace period-A:   15 days incoming allowed after expiry of validity period.
C. Grace period-B:   90 days for permanent disconnection after expiry of validity period .
D. Time bound to carry forward of balance:   15 days after expiry of validity period.
E. Restoration recharge waiver time:   Beyond 7 days after validity expires Rs.50/- may be deducted
from balance after recharge .
F. Initial validity to allow time for first plan recharge:   15 days time allowed with incoming facility
before first plan recharge .
G. MCU Pulse Duration for all calls - 60 secs .
H. Sunday and Night calling (9PM to 7AM) (Local+STD) free