Basic One India Plan


Particulars Rural Urban
A. Registration Charges Rs.500 (only in case of waiting list)
B. Security Deposits The security deposit can be increased in case of higher usage or defaults
a) Local+STD Rs. 500
b) Local+STD+ISD Rs. 2000
C. Advance Payments Rental / Security
D. Installation Please refer to Installation Charges table
E. Other one time charge, if any N/A
F. Billing period/ Cycle One Month
G Monthly fixed charges in Rs #
Residential subscribers
Exch system capacity & <999 195 195
between 1000 and 29999 195 195
between 30000 and 99999 195 195
100000 lines and above 195 195
Advance Payment Plan Charges and rental option for  One Year 11 months advance in all plan
Advance Payment Plan Charges and rental option for  Two Year 21 months advance in all plan
Advance Payment Plan Charges and rental option for  Three Year 30 months advance in all plan
H. Free Calls (in MCU/month) 50 25 -OnNet 25 -OffNet
Unit Call Charges for alternative plans in Rs. (beyond free calls) Rs 1.00 Rs 1.00(On-Net) Rs 1.20(Off Net) 
* ISD calls would not be counted as free Calls w.e.f 01.09.2012.New ISD tariff applicable from 01.09.2012
** The rent may be different for some circle please contact your customer care for detailed information

Pulse Rate for intra and inter circle calls Click here for Details
Average rate for ISD calls per minute in Rs. : Uniform across all plans For Details click here
PSTN Charges for Dial up internet access under BSNL ONE INDIA

Time Band Pulse Charges per Hour
0730-2230 Peak Hours 375 sec Rs. 9.60
2230-0730 Off peak hours 750 sec Rs. 4.80

The above package will be applicable for both Rural and Urban subscribers.
Additional Instructions:

  • The above Plan is not meant for Local/STD/ISD PCO’s franchisee.
  • The change in plan shall be implemented as per existing practice.
  • Other terms and condition shall remain unchanged.
  • Service Tax will be charged extra.