CDMA prepaid Mobile (RUIM) New Connection

Start-Up Kit (SUK)
(i)RUIM Will be provided with Mobile Number
(ii)Sale Price of SUK (RUIM & Activation)- Rs 40(Inclusive of all Taxes).
(iii)Base tariff Plan will be provided in SUK kit

Base Plan
S. No. Particulars Tariff
1 RUIM & Activation charges in Rs. (Incl of Service Tax)* 40
2 Plan charges 0
3 MRP of Starter Pack in Rs. 40
4 Talk Value in Rs. 0
5  Validity in days 180 days.
6 Pulse Rate  60 sec.
7 Call charges in Rs.  
(a) Local On-net 0.45
(b) Local Off-net 0.60
(c) STD On-net 0.45
(d) STD Off-net 0.60
8 Data Charges in Rs./100Kb  
(a) Peak Hour (7.00 AM to 11.00 PM) 0.10
(b) Off-peak Hour (11 PM to 7 AM) 0.05
9 All other charges As per CDMA Prepaid Base Plan

i)In case the defect in RUIM is beyond the control of the customer ,the new RUIM is to be provided free of cost from BSNL,CSC. In case defect or loss of RUIM is due to customer negligence, Rs.20 is to be recovered for the replacement of the RUIM.

  • ii)The same charge of Rs.20 will also be applicable in case of reactivation of closed connection after GP-II in case of prepaid serevices and after permanent closure due to non payment in case of postpaid services.
  • iii ) Life Time Plan will not be offered to new customer, but existing customer will continue in the life time plan with MRC of Rs 200 every six months
    In case of Assam, J&K and North East LSAs, extension of validity is subject to the guidelines/instructions issued by Govt. of India/Regulatory Authority from time to time. 

    RUIM would be 1X and EVDO enabled and can be used all over India (except Mumbai and Delhi ).

    Normal CDMA prepaid Plan Voucher Top-up , Flexitopup and STV vouchers will be applicable