EVDO Postpaid New Connection

S. No. Particulars Charges in Rs.
1 Activation charges 500
2 Charges for Cards
  i. Sale Price of EVDO Data Card . 1199*
  ii. Alternate Plan for EVDO Data Card
  ii (a) Fixed monthly charges for card. 200
  ii (b) Security Deposit (refundable) 1000

* Inclusive of all taxes.

Tariff plan for EVDO postpaid :

S. No. FMC in Rs. Monthly free usage in GB
1 199 1.5
3 299 2.5
5 449 4.5
6 649 7
7 750 Unlimited
  • Service Tax as applicable will be charged extra.
  • The above bundle free usage will also be available while roaming.
  • The usage charges beyond bundled free usage will be @ Rs. 0.50/- per MB.

Annual payment option for all Post paid EVDO Tariff Plans will be available with two months FMC discount i.e., ten months FMC will be taken as annual charge, when payment is made at a time in advance.

One Static IP is available for the fixed monthly charges of Rs. 150 per month.
Discount Structure for conversion from Rent based EVDO data Card to sale of  EVDO Data card 

Months (for which rent is paid) Discount Allowed on sale price
1 to 3 Months NIL
4 to 6 Months 20%
7 to 12 Months 40%
13 Months and above 60%