Base Plan

S.No.  Particlualar Amount in Rs.
1 Call Charges(Rs./Min)  
1.1 Intra Circle Calls  
  To Own Network 0.45
  To other Network 0.60
1.2 Inter Circle Calls  
  To own Network 0.45
  To other Network 0.60
1.3 ISD CAlls Charges Click here>>>>  

SMS Charges (Rs./SMS)

Local National International
0.50 .60 5.00

Packet Data Service

Activation Charges Nil
Data charges per 100 KB in Rs.  
(a) Peak hours(7.00 AM to 11.00 PM) 0.10
(a) Non Peak hours(11.00 PM to 07.00 AM) 0.05

Roaming Call charges(Rs./Min)

Fixed monthly charges Nil
O/G within visited LSA own network 0.50 other Network  0.60
O/G outside visited LSA own network 0.70 other Network 0.80
Incoming Call Charges 0.60
O/G SMS 0.60