List of Countries



List of Countries /Networks where International Roaming Facility can be availed by BSNL Subscribers


1. Select a country from drop down menu and press submit to know details about networks

2. For viewing coverage map the following operators please click here

3. BSNL subscribers with International Roaming Facility are required to ensure that their Mobile handsets are compatible for working with the frequency of the visiting Network / Country.

4. Presently, most GSM networks world wide including Indian GSM networks operate on 900 Mhz. / 1800 Mhz. frequency bands. 1900 / 850 Mhz. frequency bands are mainly used by Operators in North and South American Continents. BSNL subscribers going to Japan and South Korea may note that compatible handsets are available at the Airports in these countries on rent, however, the subscriber should arrange to confirm the same on his own.

5. This list is subject to change without notice.

6. For guidelines on International Roaming Click here .