SIM based Service

Various value added services-be it Voice based or SMS based, are available to the Mobile subscribers of BSNL.
Many SMS based Value added services are available to the Mobile subscribers of BSNL through the short codes.
BSNL provides SMS based services in collaboration with various providers.


How can you access short CODE BASED SERVICES:

The procedure for availing short code based VAS is as follows:

  • Browse the menu in your cell phone.
  • In the menu, select MESSAGE & then go to WRITE/SEND NEW (Menu may vary with the handset).
  • Enter the keyword applicable to the service you want to avail (keyword may vary with content provider), as the Message e.g. "NEWS" will be the keyword for getting news headlines.
  • Proceed further by pressing "YES" (or any other key as per your handset) and enter the applicable short code as the NUMBER. e.g. if you want to get the NEWS from AAJTAK then the short code will be "2424".
  • After entering the short code, use "SEND"/ "YES", as applicable to your handset, for sending the SMS to the SMSC. After a short time, you will get the response SMS in your INBOX.

For a complete list of various providers, services provided and their tariff, please click here.