New Connection

Hardware Sale
Sale price of IFWT (with inbuilt battery) in Rs.* 900
Bundled Talk time in Rs. 900#

Start Up Kit(SUK)
(i) SUK Price (Activation Cahrges etc.) will be Rs 40 (inclusive of all taxes) , as applicable to RUIM based Plan
(ii) Base tariff Plan will be provided in SUK Kit.

Resale of Recovered IFWTs (with inbuit battery)- Now you can get Old Recovered IFWTs (with battery) in good condition at a Reduced Sale Price of Rs. 500/- only.
In case of Assam, J&K and North East LSAs, extension of validity is subject to the guidelines/instructions issued by Govt. of India/Regulatory Authority from time to time.
^ Lifetime Plan will not be offered to new Customer .The existing Cutomers will continue in Life Time Plan with the MRC of Rs 200 every Six months
# Talk value of Rs.100(ON Net + Off Net)First Month and additional Rs 800(On Net from First Month to 8 month @Rs 100/Month
In order to get validity the customer has to recharge with normal Paln vouchers.
* In case 12V SMPS unit is provided, Rs.500 will be charged extra. Sales tax as applicable on the sale price of Handset is extra.

Postpaid to Prepaid Conversion

Guidelines/ Procedure for Conversion of Postpaid to Prepaid connection under CDMA services
  • Only willing customers with CDMA postpaid plan may be converted into CDMA prepaid plan of their choice.
  • SSA/circle shall recover the outstanding amount.
  • The customer shall apply in a new CAF for prepaid connection along with a written request on plain paper to close his postpaid connection and allotting his postpaid number to prepaid connection.
  • The conversion will be allowed through CSCs only.
  • The customer shall retain the existing IFWT/FWT and the existing number to be allotted as prepaid number.
  • IFWT/FWT shall be continued to be owned and maintained by BSNL.
  • Postpaid number shall be closed and account processing shall be started.
  • No charges to be recovered from the customer for this conversion.
  • The security deposit shall remain with BSNL as IFWT/FWT to be owned and maintained by BSNL.
  • Upon conversion of number to prepaid, the customer may be suitably informed about the conversion.