postpaid cdma mobile connection

Post Paid CDMA Mobile

  • GSM 2G Tariff (Click here)is applicable for postpaid CDMA Mobile in all circles.
  • All the CDMA customers will be provided 1X data service which shall be charged @ 5paise/100KB.
  • Existing customers in other plan is allowed to switch to these plans.
  • Local calls means intra circle calls.
  • The CDMA activation charges of Rs.100 in case of RUIM and Rs.900 in case of IFWT, (if provided by BSNL) will apply

BSNL Pariwar Plan under CDMA Postpaid Service

S. No. Item Tariff
a. RUIM+ Activation Charges
Rs. 100 per Del
b. Security Deposit (Local+ STD)
Rs. 500 for Master Account Level
c. Fixed Monthly Charges Rs. 499 for Master Account Level for 3 Connections. FMC for Add on Del Rs. 150 per Del
d. Freebies offered per month on Master Account Level
  Voice Call Rs. 450 (Local+ STD) any net
  SMS 100 SMS (LOcal+ National)
e. Call Charges within CUG Free in same LSA
f. Other Charges As per Postpaid Plan 225
Other Terms and Conditions:
1. One bill will be generated for all the connections within group.
2. Same tariff will be applicable across all the group members.
3. Customer can reduce his no. of connections. However at any point of time the connections within the group will not be less than two.Also there will be no change in the Fixed Monthly Charges of Rs. 499.

Voice SMS facility with following tariff:

S. No. Particulars Charges
i. Sending/Forwarding Voice SMS Rs. 0.75/Min for local,STD and National Roaming Calls
ii. Retrieval of Voice SMS Rs.0.60/Min While in Home LSA and National Roaming

Tariffs for Unified Messaging Service(UMS)/Voice Mail Services(VMS)

S.No Particulars Voicemail facility Voicemail+Faxmail+E-mail service
1 Monthly Access Charges in Rs. Nil Rs. 50
2 Per minute charges for accesing UMS on short Code 17000 from CDMA phone
  Pulse rate in second 60 Sec. 60 Sec.
  A.From within home UMS Zone Rs. 0.30/Min. Rs. 0.30/Min.
  B. From outside home UMS Zone Normal call rate from visited LSA to home UMS Zone as pre tariff plan selected.
  • If the IFWT provided to customer by BSNL couldnot be recovered in good condition an amount of Rs.500 will be adjusted as the cost of IFWT from the Security Deposit of postpaid customer at the time of finalization of account of closed WLL connection