mobile prepaid plans

 Base Plan

S.No.  Particular Amount in Rs.
1 Call Charges(Rs./Min)  
1.1 Intra Circle Calls  
  To Own Network 0.60
  To other Network 0.90
1.2 Inter Circle Calls  
  To own Network 1.20
  To other Network 1.20
1.3 ISD CAlls Charges(CDMA-Full Mobility)  ISD Calls Tariff (Same as for Landline ISD Call Tariff ) Click here >>>>

SMS Charges (Rs./SMS)

Local National International
0.60 1 5

Data Charges(Per 100 KB) in Rs.

Peak Hour(7.00 AM to 11.00 PM) .10
Off-Peak Hour(11.00 PM to 7.00 AM) .05

Terms and conditions :
  • The unutilized balance amount of previous card can be carried forward in case of renewal within grace period, otherwise it will be lapsed.
  • During the grace period, no outgoing calls shall be allowed except emergency calls (toll free).
  • In case subscriber uses his own handset , the activation charges under general plan may be applied.

Tariff for Voice SMS Service

S. No. Particulars Charges
i. Sending/Forwarding Voice SMS Rs. 0.75/Min for local,STD and National Roaming calls.
ii. Retrieval of Voice SMS Rs.0.60/Min while in Home LSA and National Roaming.

Tariffs for Unified Messaging Service(UMS)/Voice Mail  Services(VMS)

S.No Particulars Voicemail facility Voicemail+Faxmail+E-mail service
1 Monthly Access Charges in Rs. Nil Rs. 50
2 Per minute charges for accesing UMS on short Code 17000 from CDMA phone
  Pulse rate in second 60 Sec. 60 Sec.
  A.From within home UMS Zone Rs. 0.30/Min. Rs. 0.30/Min.
  B. From outside home UMS Zone Normal call rate from visited LSA to  home  UMS Zone as pre tariff plan selected.

Tariff for Pre-Paid FWT/IFWT internet Connections:

S. No. Charges Free internet usage limit Charges beyond free limit
a) Rs.100 1 GB Rs.1/MB
b) Rs.250 Unlimited NA
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