Job Responsibilities of BFC Unit

Creation of annual financial plan for the company across all business units and support functions by liaisoning with PGM (Corporate Planning & Monitoring) – CA, GM (Finance) – CFA , GM (Finance) – CM, GM (Finance) – Ent and GM (Finance) – NB

o Business planning, forecasting and capex/ opex budgeting
o Sourcing avenues for financing of projects
oSpecification of funding schedules and timelines
oMilestones for release of payments

Conducting periodic reviews on project execution and expenditure across business units

o Ensuring adherence to budget – revenue, capex, opex
o Making modifications to overall budget allocation (capex/ opex), if required

Conducting all affairs related to Capital Budgeting (CB) Section

o Formulation of capital budget based on the circle wise demands received for capital works under BE and RE and allotment thereof
o Working out provision for which details of targets and assessment of funds is obtained from various Planning Cells of BSNL Corporate Office and making allotment thereof
o Fixation of circle wise cash withdrawal ceilings after allotment of funds under BE & RE and making periodical (thrice in a month) cash withdrawal authorization to the circles
o Preparation and compilation of circle wise capital works programme i.e. compilation of various information in respect of capital works (projects) costing more than Rs.5 crores
o Review of capital expenditure
o Examining and reviewing of variations between final grants and actual expenditure in respect of capital works
o Compilation of circle wise details of outstanding liabilities in respect of capital works
o Preparation of monthly as well as quarterly performance reports, Board Notes and other works in respect of Heads of Circles’ Conference/Meetings relating to budget
o Advance payments to PSUs and watching circle wise adjustments in this regard
o Preparation of replies to the Parliament Questions
o Settlement of Audit Objections, DAPs and preparation of ATNs to DAPs etc relating to budget.
o Preparation and compilation of ATNs to Standing Committee Reports.
o Dealing of VIP cases relating to budget
o Formulation of Annual Plan, Five Year Plan, Mid Term Appraisals and Action Plans relating to budget

Conducting all affairs related to Revenue Budgeting (CB) Section

o Calling and Compilation of Revised Estimates, Budget Estimates and Final Grant under Working Expenses, Revenue Receipts, Stores, HBA & Other loan and advances releasing allotment thereof
o Review of Monthly Statements showing Progressive Expenditure under Working Expenses, Loans & Advances, Foreign Travel Expenses, Maintenance Expenses, Marketing & Sports Welfare
o Review of statements showing variation between final allotment & expenditure
o Fixation of Circle wise targets of Revenue and Working Expenses such as Operating Ratio, Per Del Revenue expenditure etc.
o Periodical review of Circle wise Revenue Receipt and Working vis-à-vis targets
o Correspondence with VSNL and MTNL relating to revenue receipt.
o Work relating to Parliament Questions.
o Periodical fund authorization to Circles/Units and review of fund released
o Work relating to matters taken up by various Unions/Associations pertaining to fun required for payment of various allowances
o Compilation of Productivity Linked Insurance.
o Work relating to performance budget.
o Work relating to adjustment between BSNL and DOP towards share of housekeeping charges, cost of P&T colonies, rent of joint building, operation training, expenditure on P&T dispensaries, PCO facilities charges etc. transferred by DOP in consultation with
o Corporate Account and Costing
o Adding of Budget Para
o Bi-monthly review of revenue and expenditure of Calcutta Telephones and Chennai Telephones Information of MOU
o Budget Recommendations
o IEBR for the current, following year and Five Year Plan.
o Review of payment pertaining to License Fee, Spectrum Charges and Corporate Tax etc. with DOT
o Package of Measures, Material of Standing Committee, Annual Report, Statistical Reports, Pre-Budget Economy Survey, Finance Commission.
o Review of pending Financial Issues and Corportisation.
o Related various Fortnightly, Monthly, Bio-monthly & Quarterly Reports / Statements
o Fixation of ceiling on New Item of Expenditure
o Review of the monthly Integrated Statement under working expenses
o Review of the fund released and maintenance expenditure
o Calling of RE/BE statements of revenue receipts.
o Compilation of MIS statement showing monthly payment to DOT Cell towards various objects
o Fixation of overhead charges according to company account in consultation and co-ordination with corporate accounts
o Submission of figures to the statistical organization / ERU.

Conducting all affairs related to Banking Finance (BF) Section

Evaluation of competitive quotations/bids/tenders from various banks for service charges for
o banking transactions. Signing of agreements with various banks for various kinds of banking transactions / facilities. Renewal / Termination of agreements
o Selection of Banks for collection of payment of telephone and other service bills through modern modes, Introduction of new modes for the banking services viz. recharging of prepaid mobile connection through electronic mode
o All activities pertaining to collection viz. constant watch over estimates of daily collection to be received from all Circles / Units, ensuring credits of the same in respective BSNL Corporate Office Collection Accounts on day to day basis.
o Investment of surplus funds in short term deposits by calling bids / premature encashment of STDs.
o Maintenance of connected records on Short Term Deposits/Timely watching of proper credits of principal and interest on maturity of STDs / Maintenance of records pertaining to Tax Deducted at Source / forwarding of TDS certificates to Corporate Accounts Section.
o Timely transfer of funds to the operational requirements of Circles from time to time
o Arranging inter-bank transfers for transfer of funds for operational requirement of circles
o Checking / Scrutiny of bills received from CMS banks in respect of service charges and authorization payment thereof
o Monthly monitoring of Bank Reconciliation Statements from circles / Consolidated annual Bank Reconciliation Certificates from Circles
o Submission of Agenda and Minutes of the Investment Committee on monthly basis and Quarterly Progress Statement in respect of investments to BSNL Board
o Arranging issue of Bank guarantees centrally required by various circles / Maintenance of connected records
o Submission of Monthly Trial Balance to Corporate Accounts Section and maintenance of cash books and other relevant records, reconciliation/acknowledgement of balances with circles in respect of remittances
o Monitoring of Funds Flow Statements received from Circles / Interest claim for delayed credits.
o Monthly Cash Flow Statement between BSNL Corporate Office and Circles/Units
o Matters pertaining to Parliament Questions, Audit Inspections, Internal Audit/Statutory Audit/ Certification of Accounts on annual basis, C&AG Audit/DAPs
o Submission of case for Presidential sanction for raising new bonds
o Submission of case for approval of BSNL Board for raising new bonds
o Getting rating of BSNL from Rating Agencies
o Selection of arrangers, banker, registrar, trustee etc. #Selection of immovable properties for securitisation of bonds/ Securitisation of Bonds
o Servicing of Bonds (Interest payment etc), exploring options for Interest SWAP
o Redemption of Bonds
o Issue of Tax Free Infrastructure Bonds and other alternative debt instruments
o Investment in equity / debt
o Framing of rules, regulations, procedures & instructions for all circles/ SSAs/ PAUs in connection with all kinds of banking transaction.

Conducting all affairs related to Value Added Lease Finance (VLF) Section

o Cases relating to Value Added Lease Finance
o Alternate Financing
o Sanction and payment of QLR for 2/15 MARR, SPPS, SPVs, Cables and LDS including committed liabilities payment (under Lease Finance/Deferred Payment System)
Matters relating to Sales Tax, Central Sales Tax, MODVAT, CD, ED and other taxes etc. in
o respect of lease and deferred payment arrangement
o Matters relating to issue of clarification of Lease Finance/Deferred Payment System
o Renewals and release of Bank Guarantees.
o Matters relating of revision in SBI- PLR.
o Statements relating to supply status, put to use, No Objection Certificate, committed Liability, MIS and Legal Cases to Legal Advisor
o Taking over of ownership of telephone exchanges procured under deferred payment basis after payment of 1% of contract value
o Disposal of court / arbitration cases

Liaisoning with Circles for smooth day-to-day operations