Job Responsibilities of CA Unit

Managing all affairs related to Corporate Accounts for BSNL

o Compilation of all periodic books of accounts
o Transfer of year-end balances to Circles
o Preparation and submission of final accounts of BSNL for statutory Audit and Certification by C&AG
o Revision and updation of Heads of Accounts
o Implementation and maintenance of accounting package.
o Clarifications on all Accounts related issues/ Accounting Instructions and Accounting Policies/accounting procedure
o Implementation of Accounting Standards.
o Fixed Asset /CWIP/Inventory related issues

Appointment of Statutory/Branch Auditors – all matters related thereto

Review of Internal Audit Reports

Supply of information to various agencies like MIS, Statistical Organization, Public Enterprises Survey, Ministry of Disinvestments etc.

Managing all affairs related to CA II section within BSNL

o Leave Salary/ Pension Contribution
o Pension and other Retirement benefit settlement issues
o Settlement of Accounts with SAARC countries i.e. Indo –Nepal, Indo Pakistan and Indo- Bangladesh, Bhutan, Sri Lanka.
o Clearance of Inter Circle / Intra Circle remittances
o Head of Circle/ IFA Conference related matters

Manage all asset registers across Business Units

• Managing all activities related to Auditors

o Interaction with P&T Audit and answering queries.
o 619(3) Reports from Branch/ Statutory Auditors
o C&AG / DAP/ PAC Paragraphs relating to accounts of BSNL
o Reduction in Audit qualifications
o Circulation of Audited accounts
o Appointment of Internal Auditors

Managing all affairs related to License Fee, USO Levy, AGR, Cost Records, Accounting Separation and related TRAI Issues

• Managing all affairs related to Pay-Bills

o Preparation of Pay Bills and Supplementary Bills
o Submission of Bank List for disbursement of salary through Bank
o Drawing of OTA Bills, Medical reimbursement (outdoor/ indoor)
o Calculation of income tax and recovery of the same
o Issue of Form 16 to the employees and submission of Form 24 in Income Tax office
o Calculation of perquisite in respect of the employees having Departmental quarters
o Final payment under Central Government Employees Insurance Scheme on retirement/ resignation from service
o Calculation of leave encashment on retirement/ resignation
o Issue of monthly/ annual income certificates, Last Pay Certificate
o Calculation of Leave salary and pension Contribution
o Entry of various kind of leave issued by different sections like CSS,SEA, Personnel section and Pension Section
o Issue of House Rent Allowance certificates to executives and non-executives of BSNL
o Issue of license fee recovery certificates as and when required by the employees
o Preparation of bills in respect of advances like Scooter/Car, Festival, GPF Advance, Final withdrawal, final payment.
o Modification of monthly recovery of CD/loan in r/o P&T, MTNL & MOC Society.
o Submission of recovery schedule in respect of P&T, MTNL & MOC Society

Managing all affairs of Loans & Advances Section

o Medical Indoor treatment of BSNL Corporate office (including pensioners)
o Outdoor treatment without voucher of BSNL Corporate office (including pensioners).
o House Building advances of BSNL Corporate office and its related matters
o Car, Scooter, Computer advances of BSNL Corporate office
o GPF withdrawal & GPF Advances of BSNL Corporate office
o GPF Final payment on retirement of BSNL Corporate office
o TA bills/TA advances of BSNL Corporate office.
o Transfer TA bills/Transfer TA advances of BSNL Corporate office.
o LTC Bills/LTC advances of BSNL Corporate Office

Managing all affairs of Cash Section

o Pre-check
o Cash

Managing all affairs of Receipts and Payments (R&P) section