Job Responsibilities of CNO Unit

· MPLS operations and monitoring of Leased Circuits(provisioning & maintenance) and related aspects.

· Monitoring operations of all Core Network assets (specifically Transmission Media) across Zones

o Formulation of policy, issuing of instructions and fixing Quality of Service (QoS) parameters for operations and maintenance
o Ensuring SLA adherence on operations of all Core Network assets

· Ensuring inspection of all Core Network assets on a periodic basis

· Defining specifications for procurement of equipment and materials required for network maintenance (as and when required)

· Ensuring timely delivery of required equipment and materials for operations & maintenance

· Creating detailed project plans for large projects

o Using project management software and PMP methodology to achieve the same

· Ensuring prioritized service for all enterprise customers (platinum, gold, silver)

o Service Delivery (SD) – commissioning of projects
o Service Assurance (SA)– fault detection and repair

· Conducting regular sessions & interactions with Project Circles and Maintenance Regions

· Escalating critical delays in enterprise SD and SA to Executive Director (Core Network) – Ent

· Formulation of policy for engaging services of external agencies (as and when required) for network maintenance

· Engaging and monitoring centralized vendors for network maintenance against pre-defined SLAs (liaisoning with relevant sections for the same)

· Monitoring utilization of deployed network assets at Corporate level (by Zone)


· Creating an accurate baseline of billing records for existing leased circuits

o Collection of data on past & current bills by coordinating with Circles
o Ensuring consistency and accuracy in the collected data

· Ensuring correct provisioning and billing processes for all leased circuits sold to enterprise customers by liaisoning with GM (Core Network Operations) – Ent, GM (Network Operations) – CFA at the head office and different field units (Circles, Maintenance Regions etc.)

· Planning and implementing IT systems and tools to ensure correct billing & collections of leased circuit revenues from enterprise customers


· Creation of long-term & short-term plan and budget for expansion and up gradation of MNGT (IP/MPLS Network) and MLLN Network (leased line network).

· Pro-active evaluation, testing and adoption of new technologies, based on Business needs.

· Formulation of policy for engaging services of external agencies (as and when required) for network expansion, up gradation and maintenance.

· Managing relationships with vendors, suppliers, etc jointly with GM(Finance)-ENT

· Liaisoning with Project circles and Maintenance Regions for smooth day-to-day operations.

· Planning of MNGT and MLLN Network roll-out.

· Timely distribution and delivery of procured equipment and materials to the Circles.

· Monitoring of pending and commissioning of leased circuits in liaison with all Circles.