Job Responsibilities of CSC-CFA Unit


• Formulation of overall strategy for CSCs

o Range of products and services offered
o Typical layout of CSCs and standardization thereof
o Potential increase/ decrease in number of CSCs driven by business requirements
o Guidelines on operational metrics for CSCs (e.g. staffing benchmarks) driven by the strategy o Design and operationalization of services to be demonstrated in CSCs (e.g. 3G)
o Decision on outsourcing of select activities at the CSC (if required)

• Target-setting for Circles by liaisoning with Heads of sales and customer service for CFA and CM business units at Head Office and Circles

o Sales from CSCs – revenue, # CFA connections, # CM subscribers, etc o Customer Service – fault resolution TAT, Customer satisfaction, etc

• Liaisoning with Circles for smooth day-to-day operations

• Monitoring performance of CSCs against business plan at Corporate level (by Circle)


• Articulation of overall business aspiration and strategy for CFA business unit (long-term as well as short-term), in line with the overall company strategy

o Marketing strategy by liaisoning with GM (Corporate Marketing) – CA
o Product design, pricing and bundling strategy for CFA products such as Landline, Broadband,WiMax/CDMA, IPTV, PCO and related Value Added Services (VAS)
o Sales channel management strategy including margin structure design across products by liaisoning with GM (Customer Service Centers)
o Landline, Broadband,WiMax/CDMA, IPTV sales force
o PCO sales force
-- Setting-up and management of sales alliances (e.g., DSAs)
o Customer service strategy by liaisoning with GM (Customer Service) – CFA and GM (Customer Service Centers)
o Network planning, expansion, upgradation and maintenance strategy for all CFA network assets by liaisoning with GM (Network Planning) – CFAGM (Rural Network) – CFA and GM (Network Operations) – CFA and CGM (Data Networks) – CFA
o All access media – Beyond local exchange (PSTN), Beyond DSLAM (data)
o All PSTN switching devices (including Level 1 TAXs)
o All Broadband aggregation and access devices (such as BNG, T1, T2 and beyond)
o Network planning, expansion, upgradation and maintenance strategy for WiMax, CDMA network by liaisoning with GM (Network Planning – CDMA/WiMax) – CFA, GM (Network Operations – CDMA/WiMax) – CFA
o BTS - WiMax, CDMA
o Switches – MSC, BSC
o IT strategy by liaisoning with GM (IT) – CFA

• Creation of annual business plan for CFA business unit by liaisoning with PGM (Corporate Planning & Monitoring) – CA and financial plan by liaisoning with GM (Finance) – CFA, including

o Financial targets – overall budget (revenue, capex, opex), profitability, etc o Customer/ Market targets – # connections, churn, market share, ARPU, etc
o Operational targets – network roll-out & operations, customer service, etc

• Target-setting for Circles by liaisoning with Circle Heads and PGM (Corporate Planning & Monitoring) – CA

• Monitoring performance against business plan at Corporate level (by Circle)

o Publishing periodic MIS reports on performance o Sharing best practices across Circles
o Outlining corrective actions that can be taken, if required

• Product design for CFA business unit for Landline, Broadband,WiMax/CDMA, IPTV and PCO products as well as formulation of requirements and sourcing of VAS content and applications o Understanding the usage pattern and needs across customer segments

o Defining key features and value proposition of each plan
o Including competitive benchmarking and portfolio gap analysis through inputs from research initiatives
o Evaluating new PCO business models (like Broadband-enabled services and sale of other telecom products)
o Setting-up alliances and tie-ups with content providers for VAS, including revenue-sharing agreements (if any)
o Testing concepts, feasibility and potential economic benefits, including specification of requirements from other divisions
o Evaluating product bundling opportunities within CFA business unit (eg. LL+BB, LL+BB+IPTV, etc) and with other business units (eg. LL+2G, LL+3G, etc)
o Presenting product design & innovation initiatives to senior management and/or customers

• Formulation of pricing guidelines and tariffs for all CFA products by liaisoning with GM (Finance) – CFA

o Ensuring product profitability and regulatory compliance
o Providing pricing guidelines to Circles
o Development and updation of tariff Decision Support System (DSS) for CFA business unit

• Design of short-term promotional schemes targeted at specific products and/ or customers by coordinating with GM (Finance) – CFA

• Driving customer research and competitor intelligence initiatives for CFA business unit and providing recommendations in terms of products and services, reach, promotions, etc

o Customer research as well as competitor intelligence
o Primary and/ or secondary research
o In-house and/ or outsourced research

• Formulation of marketing strategy for CFA business unit by liaisoning with GM (Corporate Marketing) – CA

o Above-the-line marketing
-- TV advertisements
-- Radio advertisements
-- Print advertisements
o Below-the-line marketing
-- Promotions
-- E-mails
-- Loyalty benefits

• Providing inputs to GM (Corporate Marketing) – CA on quantum, type, medium etc. of advertising required for CFA business unit

• Development of marketing action agenda for Circles by liaisoning with Head of Consumer Fixed Access at Circle

• Formulation of annual marketing and research budget for Head Office

o Above-the-line marketing, below-the-line marketing and research

• Monitoring marketing spend against budget at Corporate level (by Circle)

• Management of CFA sales channels to drive growth of Landline, Broadband,WiMax/CDMA, IPTV, PCO and related VAS revenues

o Creation of sales policy
o Evaluation of different sales models such as ‘Own Sales team’ and ‘DSA’ model on key metrics

• Reach – resources required for full reach

o Extraction – new connections per person
o Effective cost – per new connection or retention including salary, allowances, incentives, etc o Definition of new sales processes for adopted model

• For example defining knowledge-build, contact planning, customer visits, reporting and follow-up etc. for ‘Own Sales team’ model o Designing discounts and channel commission structures

o Designing sales force allowances, awards and incentives by liaisoning with GM (Corporate Accounts) – Fin to motivate sales force

• Incorporating guidance from competitive benchmarking

o Setting-up and management of sales alliances, including revenue-sharing agreements (if any), including policy formulation and management of channel partners
o Documentation / EOI for various existing / new distribution channels
o Creation and monitoring of sales teams

• Design of policies related to provision of Value Added Services for CFA Business Unit

o Content specifications
o Delivery mechanisms
o Partnerships
o Pricing & billing
o Customer care

• Design and delivery of VAS content by coordinating with external vendors & content providers

o Design of appropriate VAS content based on market research through vendors
-- Content type
-- Content delivery
o Forging and managing content providers to deliver against planned value added services

• Floating and evaluating tenders in coordination with GM (Finance) – CFA

• Forging relationships with new vendors

• Ensuring vendors deliver against well defined SLAs

• Designing VAS tariffs and pricing plans in coordination with GM (Finance) – CFA

• Designing product bundles with VAS component

• Target-setting across sales channels

• Implementation and monitoring of Sancharsoft software

• Registration of telemarketers

• Liaisoning with Circles for smooth day-to-day operations