Job Responsibilities of CVO Unit

· Ensuring observance of guidelines and rules of conduct issued by the Central Vigilance Commission (CVC), DoT/DOPT guidelines as well as by the Government

· Undertaking preventive measures for elimination of corruption and malpractices

· Study and examination of systems and procedures followed in various departments

· Identifying sensitive and corruption-prone areas

· Suggest measures to eliminate scope for corruption

· Monitor personnel posted in such areas

· Planning and execution of surprise inspections

· Making annual agreed list and list of employees of doubtful integrity and ensuring proper surveillance on the same

· Formulation and implementation of action plan on anti-corruption measures, including organisation of vigilance awareness and fraud prevention programs

· Investigation and speedy processing of vigilance cases against employees across all cadres and functions, and taking actions against employees found guilty as per rules

· Ensuring timely preparation of charge sheet, statement of imputations, lists of witness, witness statements and other important documents required for inquiry

· Ensuring timely appointment of Inquiring Officer / Presenting Officer as well as distribution of above documents to the accused employee and the Inquiring Officer / Presenting Officer

· Ensuring prompt processing of the case by the Inquiry Officer, for review by the Disciplinary Authority

· Ensuring timely implementation of orders issued after investigation of vigilance cases

· Scrutinising final orders passed by the Disciplinary Authorities, with a view to see whether advice given by CVC / CVO has been implemented or a case for review is warranted

· Consulting CVC at all stages where required

· Taking adequate action with regard to writ petitions in respect of vigilance / disciplinary cases

· Providing proper assistance is given to CBI in investigation of cases entrusted to them or initiated by them based on their own sources of information

Timely issuing of vigilance clearing certificates