Job Responsibilities of CoM Unit

• Driving customer research and competitor intelligence initiatives for all business units

o Customer research as well as competitor intelligence
o Primary and/ or secondary research
o In-house and/ or outsourced research

• Formulation of Corporate Marketing strategy for BSNL in line with the overall company strategy

o Above-the-line marketing
                       -- TV advertisements
                      -- Radio advertisements
                      -- Print advertisements
                       -- Web based advertisements
o BSNL brand building and messaging (including Brand ambassadors)

• Consolidating and articulating respective marketing strategies of CFA, CM, Enterprise and NB business units, ensuring alignment with Corporate Marketing strategy

• Formulation of policy for engaging services of external agencies (as and when required) for research, advertisements and promotions

• Engaging and monitoring centralized vendors (as and when required) for research, advertisements and promotions, against pre-defined SLAs

• Consolidating media airtime required for BSNL as a whole and each of the business units

o By quantum and type of media

• Negotiating with media agencies for purchase of airtime for BSNL o Empanelment of media and advertising agencies and monitoring of its activities

• Formulation of annual budget for Corporate Marketing by liaisoning with PGM (Corporate Planning & Monitoring) – CA

• Liaisoning with business units and Circles for smooth day-to-day operations

• Monitoring spend against budget at Corporate level (by business unit and by Circle)

• Planning, development and implementation of company Public Relations strategy

o Promotional literature
o Press releases
o Publicity events

• Undertaking Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) initiatives on behalf of the company