Job Responsibilities of EF Unit

• Financial scrutiny and accord of financial concurrence to the following types of cases

o Sanction of new posts in BSNL including Corporate Office for all cadres based on norms or without norms
o Permanency of posts in BSNL including Corporate Office for all cadres and retention of posts
o Deputation and delegation to abroad including foreign assignment under different schemes
o Training, seminars etc. inside or outside India and training schemes of ALTTC and other Training Centers in India
o Dealing cases related to Stepping up of pay cases, pay anomaly cases, revision of pay scales, grant of special pay etc
o Fixation of pay and arrears claims including HRA/ CCA/ TA/Medical/ Welfare/ Pension /Gratuity /GPF /Honorarium to staff etc. within laid down policies
o Delegation of financial powers to field staff and officers of BSNL Corporate Office
o Staff standards relating to stores organization approved by Staff Inspection Unit of MOF on report of Internal Work Study resulting savings of expenditure
o Framing policies on HRD related matters viz. BSNLMRS, Transport Allowance, Leased Accommodation, CPF, Sports Welfare, Compassionate appointment, different Insurance Welfare Schemes, TA/DA Rules, etc.
o Conversion of CDA Pay Scales to IDA Pay Scales.
o Vetting of Recruitment Rules in BSNL and Committee Meetings for evolving regular /adhoc norms.
o Proposals from Establishment/Personnel Branches on staff matters such as promotion, fixation of pay, pay anomalies etc.
o Cost cutting matters, monitoring of Energy audit & conservation cases.
o Audit paras/JCM/Union/Court/CAT cases on the above items.
o Financial advice/ concurrence to all expenditure proposals of Admn. /IT Cells, including vetting of NITs, Finalization of tenders, participation in TECs, Purchase committees etc.
o Sanction of grants in respect of Territorial Army (Telecom).
o Permission to non-entitled officers to travel by air under delegated power of Board of Directors.
o Advances and waiver of recoveries from staff.
o Dealing cases of appointment of consultants.

• Delegation of financial powers to BSNL officers