Job Responsibilities of Finance Unit

Creation of annual financial plan for CFA business unit by liaisoning with GM (Business Planning) – CFA and GM (Budgeting & Financial Control) – Fin to translate strategic targets into its financial equivalents (by Circle and by product/ service)

Formulation of costing and transfer pricing guidelines for CFA network assets by liaisoning with GM (Transfer Pricing) – Fin

o Formulation of costing methodology (by product/ service)

o Management and allocation of business assets and inventory for CFA business unit

Allocation of capex and opex resources (by Circle and by product/ service)

o Performing costing studies and related optimization methods

Fixation as well as periodic revision of rates including benchmarking against competitors’ offerings

Evaluating impact on CFA business unit

Ensuring compliance with corporate laws and industry guidelines (TRAI, etc)

Approving tariff plans for all products of CFA business unit proposed by GM (Business Planning) –� CFA to ensure profitability and regulatory compliance

o Evaluation of tariffs using market/ competitor benchmarks, internal cost estimates and regulatory guidelines to ensure profitability for the CFA business unit (to the extent possible)

o Providing approval for all tariff plans for CFA business unit executed in Circles

Liaisoning with CM, Enterprise and NB business units at Head, Circle and Region Offices for accounting of network elements between business units

Ensuring proper billing, collections & recovery (revenue management) as per policy formulated by GM (Revenue Assurance) – Fin

Management of all operational & monitoring activities related to IUC billing for Consumer Fixed Access Business Unit, including interfacing with field units for collection of data and synthesis

Engaging and monitoring centralized vendors for billing, collections and revenue assurance (if required) against pre-defined SLAs (liaisoning with relevant sections for the same)

Liaisoning with GM (IT) – CFA for implementation of billing, collections and revenue assurance IT systems and tools.