Job Responsibilities of Restg Unit

Work Study & Inspection

• Designing and executing the overall inspection program for BSNL

o Designing policy matters regarding inspection of field units
o Inspecting critical activities of circle (service books, CRs etc.)
o Releasing inspection reports to CGMs for compliance
o Follow up and monitoring inspection reports of Circles, including quarterly review notes

• Issuing changes to delegation of financial powers at the Head Office

• Framing and reviewing Conduct, Discipline and Appeal (CDA) rules

• Managing all other affairs related to Organisation & Methods Cell

o Framing of Standing Orders for BSNL employees on requirement
o Compilation of list of Activities dealt with by various units of BSNL Corporate Office
o Compilation and periodic revision of the record retention schedules of BSNL
o Appraisal and weeding of the records in accordance with the procedure laid down
o Work related to Appointing Disciplinary/ Appellate / Reviewing Authorities for BSNL employees including Gr. ‘A’ Officers
o Compilation of HR Manual for BSNL
o Preparation of Guidelines/ Instructions for acquiring immovable/ movable property
o Preparation & updating of Organizational Chart of the BSNL Corporate Office.

• Channel of submission and level of final disposal of cases

• Designing work measurement studies, organizational analysis and method studies for all sections and cadres within BSNL.

Corporate Restructuring

• Creating the staffing norms for all hierarchies (across executives and non executives) that can be used in manpower planning

o Understanding current distribution of manpower
o Creating norms based on existing understanding of manpower productivity and business considerations, separately for Consumer Fixed Access, Consumer Mobility, Enterprise and Passive Infrastructure
o Moderating above requirements based on competitive benchmarking on employee productivity, if required

• Periodic review of company organisation structure, reporting structures as well as specific posts, based on

o Company business strategy
o Learnings from other telcos
o Feedback from employees

• Liaisoning with internal units (Circles etc.) and external consultants (if required) for implementing organisation restructuring initiatives

• Assessing business impact of restructuring projects in terms of key metrics such as :

o Increase in business (revenue, # subscribers, market share, etc)
o Increase in service levels
o Reduction in cost

• Conceptualizing, designing and implementing performance management initiatives for BSNL

• Reviewing and refining Balanced Business Scorecards (BBS)

• Designing transfer policy for BSNL.