Job Responsibilities of Sales & Marketing-CM unit

• Sales channel management strategy including margin structure design across products by liaisoning with GM (Products & Pricing) – CM and GM (Sales & Marketing) – CM

                     - Franchisees
                     - Setting-up and management of sales alliances

• Management of CM sales channels to drive growth of GSM (2G, 3G) and Creation of sales policy

o Evaluation of different sales models such as ‘Own Sales team’ and ‘DSA’ model on key metrics
               -- Reach – resources required for full reach
               -- Extraction – new connections per person
               -- Effective cost – per new connection or retention including salary, allowances, incentives, etc
o Definition of new sales processes for adopted model
              -- For example defining knowledge-build, contact planning, customer visits, reporting and follow-up etc. for ‘Own Sales team’ model
o Designing discounts and channel commission structures

• Designing sales force allowances, awards and incentives by liaisoning with GM (Corporate Accounts) – Fin to motivate sales force Incorporating guidance from competitive benchmarking

        - Setting-up and management of sales alliances, including revenue-sharing agreements (if any), including policy formulation and management of channel partners

         -Documentation / EOI for various existing / new distribution channels
          -Creation and monitoring of sales teams

• Implementation and monitoring of Sancharsoft software

• Sales of vanity numbers

• Management and monitoring of e-distributor


• Formulation of customer service strategy for CM business unit

o Pre-sales service – products and services on offer, tariffs, feasibility etc
o Service delivery – following-up with network unit, updating customers, etc
o After-sales service– fault resolution, cross-selling, etc

• Management of all CM Call centers

o Monitoring of external vendors
o Designing Service Level Agreements (SLAs) – internal and external
o Monitoring performance against business plan at Corporate level (by Circle)
o Tendering/ negotiating with vendors for setting-up Call centers (if required) by liaisoning with GM (Finance) – CM

• Setting-up and management of online customer service support for CM business unit

o Liaisoning with GM (IT) – CM
o Tendering/ negotiating with vendors for setting-up online customer service support (if required) by liaisoning with GM (Finance) – CM

• Evaluating roles that CM Call centers/ online customer service support can play in sales and retention and evaluating metrics that can be used to measure the same

• Conceptualizing, designing and delivering on provisioning, billing and customer care modules of all new projects within the CM business unit

o Liaisoning with GM (IT) – CM for the IT systems required for the same
o Liaisoning with GM (Network Operations – GSM) – CM and to ensure smooth provisioning, fault detection and correction within acceptable service levels
o Monitoring, CAF management, CAF verification and payment of penalties on account of non-verified CAFs