Job Responsibilities of TF Unit

• Managing all affairs related to Telecom Factory Personnel Cell (TFP)

o Planning & finalization of Annual Production Program, monitoring of production achievement
o Processing and sanctioning of project estimates for Product diversification and process modernization Disposal of plant & machinery, vehicles, surplus stores & scrap etc. beyond CGM’s power
o Matters relating to QA, TEC & DCC and pertaining to Exhibition, Seminar & Training etc.
o Taking up manufacture of new items or development of new products / Joint Ventures in TF
o Performance of service support centers, fixing target for repair and maintenance activities
o Co-ordination with circles regarding all matters related to Telecom Factories
o Compilation / allocation of stores being supplied by TF to Circles
o Grant of NOC to circles for outside purchase of TF stores
o Procurement cases/ Sanctions of Project Estimates beyond the power of CGM TF
o Any other Technical / Planning matter pertaining to Telecom Factories

• Managing all affairs related to Telecom Factory Costing Cell (TFC)

o Incentive scheme in Telecom Factories
o Cases concerning sale tax, excise duties etc on items manufactured in Telecom Factories
o Financial powers of CGMs of TF
o Review of financial parameters of factories, profit and loss account and balance sheet of factory
o Allotment of funds for capital works, working expense and closure of work order etc.
o Cost comparison of TF Products
o Write off of losses on account of damages to plants, raw materials, finished goods etc. caused by fire, accident, theft riots and other unforeseen events, beyond CGM’s power
o Monitoring of realization of dues from circles for supply of stores and repair & maintenance works
o Any other accounting and financial matter pertaining to factories.
o Nodal Cell for custom and Excise Tariff and notifications for BSNL C.O.