Job Responsibilities of Taxation Unit as RTI Officer's

• Managing all affairs related to Taxation

o Corporate Tax: Computation & Payment of Quarterly Advance
o Tax. Filing of Annual Income Tax Returns. Dealing with the Assessment and Appeal Cases.
o Fringe Benefit Tax: Computation & Quarterly payment of Advance Fringe Benefit Tax.
o Filing of Annual Returns
o Wealth Tax: Computation and payment of wealth tax.
o Deferred Tax: Computation of Deferred Tax of the Company
o Service Tax: Issue of instructions on Service Tax matters.
o Cenvat: Issue of instructions on availment for Cenvat credit matters.
o Sales Tax: Issues relating to Sales Tax .
o Property Tax: Issues relating to Property Tax.
o Banking Cash Transaction Tax: Issue of instructions relating to the Banking Cash Transaction Tax.
o Tax Audit: Appointment of Tax Auditors and ensuring the Tax audit of the Company.
o TDS: TDS clarifications, collection of the TDS Certificates from the Circles/units for submission to Income Tax authorities duly compiled. F-CM

• Creation of annual financial plan for CM business unit by liaisoning with GM (Business Planning) – CM and GM (Budgeting & Financial Control) – Fin to translate strategic targets into its financial equivalents (by Circle and by product/ service)

• Formulation of costing and transfer pricing guidelines for CM network assets by liaisoning with GM (Transfer Pricing) – Fin

o Formulation of costing methodology (by product/ service)
o Management and allocation of business assets and inventory for CFA business unit
-- Allocation of capex and opex resources (by Circle and by product/ service)
o Performing costing studies and related optimization methods
-- Fixation as well as periodic revision of rates including benchmarking against competitors’ offerings
-- Evaluating impact on CM business unit
-- Ensuring compliance with corporate laws and industry guidelines (TRAI, etc)

• Approving tariff plans for all products of CM business unit proposed by GM (Products & Pricing) – CM to ensure profitability and regulatory compliance

o Evaluation of tariffs using market/ competitor benchmarks, internal cost estimates and regulatory guidelines to ensure profitability for the CM business unit (to the extent possible)
o Providing approval for all tariff plans for CM business unit executed in Circles

• Management of all operational & monitoring activities related to IUC billing for Consumer Mobility Business Unit, including interfacing with field units for collection of data and synthesis

• Liaisoning with CFA, Enterprise and NB business units at Head, Circle and Region Offices for accounting of network elements between business units

• Ensuring proper billing, collections & recovery (revenue management) as per policy formulated by GM (Revenue Assurance) – Fin

• Engaging and monitoring centralized vendors for billing, collections and revenue assurance (if required) against pre-defined SLAs (liaisoning with relevant sections for the same)

• Liaisoning with GM (IT) – CM for implementation of billing, collections and revenue assurance IT systems and tools.