What is BSNL BUZZ?

With BSNL BUZZ you receive teasers when your phone is in idle mode. These teasers bring you fresh content such as news, entertainment, sports, business, fun, trivia, polls, lifestyle and much more interesting and fun content. Teasers arrive quietly and non-intrusively and are shown only for a brief moment. Moreover, it does not occupy space in your SMS inbox.

How does it work? Is this an SMS or an MMS service?

The teasers are sent to the idle screen of your phone, and are either SMS or SMSDD.

Do I need to sign a contract to use the service?

No. The service does not demand contract signature. However, when activating the SIM card, through which BSNL BUZZ is available, you automatically accept the terms of use for teaser delivery.

How do I use the service?

Once you get the teasers on your idle screen you can press "OK" or "MORE" on any teaser that interests you. Once you've pressed the "OK" or "MORE" button a menu will appear. In that menu you can choose between a number of options, relevant to your choice.

How do I know if my SIM card has the service?

By going to“SIM Services” from the phone menu and searching for BSNL BUZZ application If it's there – your SIM supports the service.

Is it a SMS service?

No. BSNL BUZZ messages are not SMS. They go straight to your phone's idle screen, not to your SMS inbox.

If I want to turn it off now but reactivate it later, what should I do?

Go to SIM Services menu, in BSNL BUZZ go to Activation menu and select Deactivate to deactivate the service. You can reactivate the service at any time by going in to BSNL BUZZ select Activation option and select Activate.

How can a get a SIM card with the service?

Simply go to BSNL retail shop and purchase/Change your SIM Card with a new SIM card that carries BSNL BUZZ.

I have the right SIM card, but the service is not active. How can I activate it?

You can activate the service at any time by going in to BSNL BUZZ select Activation option and select Activate.

Will I receive teasers if I am roaming?


I had the service, and then it suddenly stopped. How do I get it running again?

You should check the application activation status by going into BSNL BUZZ select Activation option and select Activate. If not "activated", the service will be reactivated and you will get a confirmation.

The service is consuming a lot of battery power. Is this OK? Should I change my battery? Or is it because of the service?

As any phone function (talking, sending SMS, playing games etc.), the service activity consumes some phone battery, which may vary between different phone models.In most cases the effect on battery lifetime is minor.

Is there a pre-defined schedule to get messages?

Yes the messages will be Broadcasted to the user every 5mins.(9 am to 9 pm) when the user is within the network and in mobile in idle status.

What categories of content are available?

All categories offer a variety of content such as :
1) quizzes,polls, trivia, tips, news and others
2) Infotainment - technology, games
3) Sports - soccer, cricket, gossip, live results, general coverage, etc.
4) Entertainment - movies, TV, music, gossip etc.
5) News - general news coverage for local and international.
6) Business - economy, stocks, etc.
7) Variety - celebrities, Gossip, etc.
8) Exclusive/Advertising And Many more

Why do I get advertising on this service?

You will periodically receive teasers from BSNL BUZZabout offers for plans and services. Also, our advertisers benefit BSNL BUZZ subscribers by sending exclusive deals and promotions. We do not give your details or phone number.

Do I pay for this service?

BSNL BUZZ teasers are delivered to your idle screen directly. The Charges are conveyed upfront to the consumer starting from FREE content to different price points for ex Rs 3, Rs 5, Rs 7, Rs 10 etc. per package content.

When I get a teaser on my idle screen, am I paying for it?

No – the idle screen messages, called "teasers", are sent to your idle screen free of charge.

When I read a teaser, am I paying for it?

No, you are not paying for the teaser.Once you click and move on and get the content on your phone you will be paying for this content piece.

How do I Deactivate the Service?

Go to SIM Services menu, in BSNL BUZZ go to Activation menu and select Deactivate to deactivate the service.


This command is to be used to permanently delete the subscriber from the Database. This is used when we need to move a consumer into DND list.