Cellular Services (General)


Troubleshooting / handling problems: SIM blocked?

Possible reason: Incorrect PIN entered thrice. What to do? Contact customer care center.

When the airtime and landline charges are to be paid?

"At present there is no separate concept of Airtime, PSTN charges. Now the charges are including IUC charges"

Other charges?

"In addition to the above, you also pay a service tax of 5% on the total bill amount. The service tax component on the bill amount is collected when you purchase a BSNL prepaid or recharge card"

What is Calling Line Identification Presentation (CLIP)?

This feature allows you to see the phone number of the calling party on your handset screen. All cards are pre-activated with CLIP facility. The accuracy of the phone number displayed is dependent on the calling telephone exchange.

Can we get CLIP facility free of cost?

"No, not for all schemes"

What are Call Wait and Call Hold?

"This facility will allow you to receive and hold an incoming call when you are already talking to another person. This will be indicated by a short beep during your conversation and the phone number of the incoming call will be displayed on your mobile phone. To activate enter * 43 # then press Yes/Ok button, for cancellation enter # 43 #."

What is Call Forwarding?

Call can be directed to any other cell phone

What is Call Conferencing?

"This facility enables teleconference with up to 5 people simultaneously, subscription fee for this is Rs.100/- per month"

Personal Identification Number (PIN).

"This 4-digit password helps ensure that not just anyone can use your cell phone. To activate it follow the instructions given in your cell phone user guide. Once activated you are given a default password 0000, you can change this password"

What is Personal Unblocked Key (PUK)?

"This 8-digit number is used to unblock your SIM card. If the PUK is incorrectly entered 10 times, your SIM card will get permanently damaged. It will then have to be replaced by anew one"