Cellular Services (General)



CLI-R is a service that allows customers not to reveal their mobile number from being displayed recipient’s mobile phones. Note: This facility is not provided by BSNL

Do all mobile phones support CLI-R facility?

All the mobile phones can support this service but only certain phones have the display/ not to display facility.

How can one subscribe for CLI-R service?

"This facility is not provided by BSNL, so no question of subscription"

If I have activated CLI-R and I send a SMS to my friend, will my mobile number be hidden too?

"No, CLI-R cannot conceal your mobile number when you send a SMS"

How to download ring tones?

"By using cellOne menu and sending SMS, Type “TOP” in a message sent to 8888 and checks an SMS received from 8888, select ID for the ring tone preferred. Type “RT ID No” then sent to 8888, check for ring tone."

What will be the monthly charges of roaming?

The charges will be real usage charges. But there is a rental of Rs.50/-per month in case of plan 225 and plan RTP.

What is difference between cellular mobile an WLL mobile?

WLL mobile services are basic services whose operation is limited to an SDCA whereas cellular mobile services have roaming feature in whole of the GSM network.

Can we use WLL mobile handset for cellular mobile services also?

No. WLL mobile handset is operator specific whereas GSM handset is more versatile. GSM Handset can be used for getting services of any cellular operator operating with GSM technology by simply changing the SIM card.

Is there any provision to get temporary/ casual cellular connection?

Yes. You can get excel Prepaid connection and use it as temporary /casual mobile connection

Is national roaming available with Excel connection?

Is national roaming available with Excel connection? Whether I will be able to avail roaming facility when I go to New Delhi?

"No. Currently only zonal roaming is available with Excel prepaid connections. Zonal roaming would entitle you roaming facility in Rajasthan, UP (W), Uttaranchal, UP (E), Haryana, Punjab and Himachal Pradesh. It means when excel connection cardholder will go to New Delhi he will not be able to use the roaming facility."