Faqans Smart ITC


How can I get my account activated?

Your Account will get activated with the first outgoing call.

In which language shall I get the announcements?

For choice of language of announcements the selection can be made at the time of first call or a default Language shall be attached to the account profile.

What steps can I take if my account card is lost?

You must keep your account card very carefully. If it is lost/stolen/misplaced, it cannot be deactivated and therefore may be misused. You will then lose out on any credit remaining in your card. In this case BSNL will not be in a position to take any action, or be liable for any refunds.

Is there a provision to carry forward the balance?

You can carry over the remaining balance and time of your card to next cycle, if you recharge within Grace period.

What will happen if I do not recharge my account within validity period and Grace period?

If you do not recharge within your validity period, your account will become inactive. After the grace period your account will expire and you will not be able to recharge. However you can make calls using postpaid option and you will continue to get incoming calls. You will have to procure another account card for using the prepaid option.

How do I know as to when the validity/ inactivity period will expire?

Warning announcement shall be provided few days ahead of end of validity period, end of inactivity period.

How do I know that my balance is going to finish?

A query can be placed using Menu management to find out the balance. A voice announcement/tone will remind you to recharge your account every time you make a call, once your balance reaches less than a threshold.

How can I recharge my BSNL SMART ITC ?

To recharge your account scratch the recharge coupon and obtain the 16 digits code. Dial 1805 345 1284# (for East & North zone ) or 1805 233 1284# (for West & South zone account card) from your attached fixedline to recharge. Recharge can also be done using remote access dial 1806 345 (for East & North zone) or 1806 233 (for West & South zone account card).

What if I dial the PIN wrongly repeatedly for recharge purpose?

Your account will be blocked if you dial the PIN wrongly more than three times. In this scenario you may contact help desk at 1-800-345-1800 for unblocking the card.

Whom I can contact in case of difficulty?

Please dial Toll free number 1-800-345- 1800 to reach Help Desk executive.

What precautions I should take while purchasing SMART ITC Account card?

See that the account card is unscratched and valid.

What precautions I should take while purchasing SMART ITC recharge coupons?

Match your SMART ITC Account card profile with that of recharge coupon and ensure that it is unscratched.