Hello TV for PC/Data Card user


What are the mode of payments in Hello TV account?

You can pay by 2 modes after creating an account: a) TRUST card b) BSNL Mobile number talk-time:- the subscription charge will be deducted from balance of your prepaid BSNL Mobile Number (GSM Mobile or Data Card Number) or billed, in case of BSNL Postpaid number.

Is there any limit on the number of items I can subscribe from Hello TV?

Absolutely not, we believe entertainment has no limits, so why limit your access to entertainment.

Do I need to be a member of Hello TV to access the entertainment?

Yes, you have to create a Hello TV account to enjoy browsing and sampling all the videos and movie content available on the site. For Live TV you have to create a Hello TV account and subscribe to the channel packs.

I am very selective about the content I subscribed, what plan do you recommend?

If you would like to pick just one item at a time, choose single channel pack. If you are likely to go for more than one channel at a time, you can go for the jumbo pack.

Can I hold multiple subscription plans at the same time ?

Yes, you can hold multiple subscription plans at the same time.

Can I change my plan before I pay for the content ?

Sure you can. When you are on the shopping cart page, just choose the price plan which best suits your requirement. Only when you are sure that you are opting for the right price plan, that is when you should click on “Proceed to payment”.

What can I find in the My Cart ?

Your “My Cart” consists of all the items you want to purchase. To go to the My Cart, just click on My Cart items.

Can I create playlist of the content in my content library ?


Can anyone else access My Account ?

Your “My Account” is your own private collection of purchased content. So long as you do not share your Hello TV username/password, no one else can access your content library.

Do I have unlimited access to the content in “My Account”?

Yes, you can access your content library as often as you want to, by simply authenticating yourself with username/password and going to “My Account”.