What is it?

It is a BSNL & Andhra Bank Co-branded prepaid card with VISA accreditation that can be used through an App powered by Pyro through the mobile phone.

How will it work?

Load cash into your prepaid card and use it to make and receive payments virtually for various goods & services. It can be operated through a Mobile app, a web portal or through a simple menu based interface.

What can I do with this prepaid card?

You can do the following on SpeedPay :
• All Operators’ airtime recharge/top-ups
• All DTH Recharges
• Post-paid bill payments
• Broadband bill payments
• Book Rail & Bus tickets
…….and many more soon to be added

Is this a physical card?

It is a virtual card that is linked to your mobile phone number. As of now there is no physical card available.

Will I have 24/7 access to this system?

Yes the system will be online 24/7 barring any issues/downtime for maintenance reasons. This means that you can still transact virtually from anywhere anytime – provided there is network access and money available on your prepaid card.

How secure is my money?

This prepaid card has a VISA accreditation and hence is based on one of the highest standards of security, having the required encryption, for a financial transaction.

What are the minimum requirements? ( equipment/infrastructure)

The only requirements are that there is a mobile phone with Internet enabled sim.

What forms do I need to fill?

You will need to fill 1 form for the application of the prepaid card. You can provide the required details using the SpeedPay mobile app; on line at the SpeedPay web site or via a local retailer. Check for completeness & correctness of the details and submit the documents (Address proof, Id proof and photograph) at retailer outlet.

I have the right SIM card, but the service is not active. How can I activate it?

You can activate the service at any time by going in to BSNL BUZZ select Activation option and select Activate.

Do I have to open a bank account? Does it have to be in Andhra Bank?

A bank account is optional. However having a bank a/c linked to your SpeedPay prepaid card is beneficial to you as it allows you to fully control your monies. This, not only, makes re-loading or redeeming your cash easier but puts the control in your hands- offering you greater flexibility too. Since the tie up is with Andhra Bank, the said account has to be only with Andhra Bank. However the account can be opened at any branch of Andhra Bank of your choice.

Is there a minimum balance to be maintained on the virtual card/phone?

There is no minimum value to be maintained on the card. You can transact for as low as Rs.1/-. However as per the RBI guidelines, this card at no point in time can have more than Rs.100, 000/- value on it, and you can re-load the card with a maximum of Rs. 1,00,000/- per month.

What is the list of documents required to start?

Does this balance on the virtual prepaid card on the phone have anything to do with the talk time available on the phone?

No the balance loaded onto the virtual card that is operated/used through your phone does not have any link to the talk time available on your phone. You can use this prepaid card to pay for various goods & services available on the app.

What is the maximum value of transaction I can do?

The maximum value of a transaction can be to the extent of the balance available on the card. When transacting via USSD the transaction is limited to a maximum of Rs.5000/-. However when transacting via the web portal/mobile app the transaction is limited to the extent of balance available on the card.

What is the minimum value of transaction 1 can do?

Minimum value of a transaction can even be as low as a Rupee.

Is there a limit on the number of transaction I do in a day/week/month/year?

There is no limit on the number of transactions that one can carry out. It is only limited by the rupee value available on the prepaid card.

What if I lose my mobile?

You should immediately send a mail to “” and have your prepaid card blocked.

Can I transfer money from my phone to my bank a/c and vice versa – Do I need to have net connection for doing this?

If you have an Andhra Bank a/c linked to your SpeedPay prepaid card, yes, you can and can also transfer money from your bank account to the virtual prepaid card on your phone and vice-versa to make and receive various payments. This can be done through your mobile phone and will use either the App (which relies on the GPRS connection) or the Web portal.

What if I make a mistake when I am doing a transaction?

There is very little that can be done to reverse a transaction. Hence please be careful when filling in the details for a transaction.

Can a transaction be reversed? If so how?

No, once a transaction is completed it cannot be reversed.

What charges apply when I am transacting –GPRS etc.?

Standard GPRS charges from your service provider would apply when using the App on your phone.

What if I forget my MPIN

In case you forget your MPIN, you can reset your MPIN via the Mobile App or the Web Portal. You can choose to reset it by email or by providing ID Proof details. The temporary MPIN will be sent to the given email id or by SMS to the registered mobile number.

I Deposited money in my bank account and tried to load the prepaid card through the mobile app, I didn’t receive any notification confirming the amount transferred to prepaid card?

There might be a network delay which may have affected the response time of the SMS. Kindly check your prepaid card balance after some time. If your prepaid card balance does not get updated & you do not receive any SMS as well, kindly write to us at “” .

I tried doing a prepaid Card to Bank account transfer or vice-versa. My card/bank a/c was debited but the transaction failed. What do I do?

Transactions may fail due to various reasons the amount will be refunded to you card/bank account within 7-21 working days.

How long will it take to transfer the money?

Any money transfer from/to Bank account, Prepaid Card & Prepaid card to Prepaid Card is instantaneous .

How will I know that the money has been transferred successfully?

In case of payment success or failure, you will immediately get a pop-up message in your mobile app informing you of the status of the transfer. Alternatively you can also check the status in the Mini Statement.

How do I load or reload my Prepaid card?

When a Retailer assists you (a Customer) to load your Prepaid Card with Money, it is called Refill Customer. Hand over Cash to the retailer along with the mobile number. Retailer can load the Customers prepaid card using the Mobile App / Web Portal. Once the transaction is completed both will receive an SMS confirmation. .

What happens if I get disconnected (Battery charge gets over or network loss) in the middle of a transaction?

- Please check the Mini Statement for the status of the transaction. DO NOT RETRY THE TRANSACTION IF THE BALANCE IS ALREADY DEDUCTED. If the issue is not resolved, please write into us as

Is there any other way to contact SpeedPay?

You can write to us at We would love to hear from you!