Video Conferencing Service


How to subscribe for the Video Conferencing Service?

Any existing subscriber of the BSNL can subscribe for the service. For registration he can follow the following approach:

  • Download the Video Conferencing Application Form from the site under Services -> Video Conferencing -> Application Form and submit the filled up form at the Registration counter of any of the Customer Service Center of BSNL.
  • Approach the nearest Customer Service Center of the BSNL and submit the filled up Video Conferencing Application Form at the Registration counter.

Once approved, the User ID and Password to use the service will be delivered at your Billing address.

What all is offered by the Video Conferencing Service?

Using the Video Conferencing Service the subscriber can have video conference with participants on both IP and ISDN. The conference can have both Dial-in and Dial-out type of participants.

How to schedule a video conference?

Once registered, log-in to the and go to the link Services -> Video Conferencing -> Use Now. This will redirect you to the Video Conferencing Portal. Enter the User ID and Password and click on the go button to login to the system and use the services. Click on Video Conference link under Video Conference section to schedule the Video conference. This will open a page having the following links Reservation Templates, Participant Templates, New Meeting, and Back to Main. Following instructions can be followed to do video conferencing:

A. Scheduling a video conference:

  • Click on the Reservation Template, select New Conference Template under Conference Templates. In this template, fill up the details as asked on the screen. A template once created can be used reused to create further conferences. The template works as layout for creating further conferences.
  • Click on the Participant Template, select New Participant link under the Participant Template to create the layout for the participant indicating the name of the participants, their IP or ISDN number, and other info like dial-in or dial-out.
  • Click on New Meeting to create the Meeting Room with a specified Reservation and Participant Template. After this click start now or schedule has to be selected. If schedule option is chosen then the time for start of conference and the duration of the conference has to be entered.
  • After the above entries are made, following information will be displayed which will be required at the time of conference:
    (i) Dial in number: ISDN or IP: Either of these numbers has to be entered if the participant is Dial-in one. If the participant is Dial- out, only the end Equipment has to be switched on. The bridge will automatically dial the participant ISDN or IP number.
    (ii) Conference ID: This ID has to be entered for dial-in participants. This ID will be asked from the system once the connection has been established after dialing the ISDN or IP number.

B. Procedure for IP Based Dial-In

In order to avail this facility, all dial-in end-points must register the Gate-Keeper IP Address.
Steps involved are stated hereunder: Navigate through the following menu:

  • System Info
  • Admin Setup
  • LAN/H.323
  • LAN/Internet
  • H.323
  • Gatekeeper
    Fill in the details:
    a) Put some valid name against this field
    b) Specify the standard, here in case (304420)
    c) Use Gateway option shall have “specify� selected.
    d) Gatekeeper IP address is:
    e) Preferred alias can have the same value as in (b)
    f) For out-bound calling “Gateway� shall be picked

Note: The above steps are meant for a POLYCOM End-Points only.

C. Procedure for ADSL subscribers:
The subscribers who get their IP allotted through DHCP can only dial-in as for dial-out a fixed (static) IP is required. For dial-in, the end-point has to get itself registered to the Gatekeeper using a procedure as mentioned above.

What is the purpose of Reservation Template?

Reservation Templates containing conference parameters can be used to schedule conferences, saving time in redefining a new conference with the same parameters. Different templates can be defined for different conference settings.

What is the purpose of Participant Template?

Participant templates is used for adding new participants in your participant list with parameters defined like name of participants, how it is connected, interface type etc defined.

What is the purpose of New Meeting?

New Meeting is used for scheduling the conference making use of reservation template and also defines the participants in that conference. It uses both reservation template and participant templates to define the conference.

What is the purpose Back to Main link?

That is used for going back to the main page (or home page) after scheduling the conference.

What are the different connection types available for a participant?

Dial-in and Dial-out

Dial-in Participants: Conference participants may call the conference at the start of the conference or during the On Going Conference.

Dial-out Participants: Conference participants may be called by the system at the start of the conference or through the DTMF code in a running conference.

What are the different interface types available in participant template?

Two a)ISDN: for a user opting for ISDN/PSTN Network. b)H.323: for a user opting for an IP based Network

What should be taken care to have better visibility?

Proper lighting should be made in the room used for the video conference. Light with proper focus should be on the object (participant of the conference). The focus of the light should not be on the video-camera.