Cost-Effective & Contemporary Facility For large Corporate & Small Business Houses

What is Centrex ?

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It is central office based communication service which integrates all your multi located Telephone lines (Existing and New) into a single highly functional communication group with more distinctive features without any additional exupiment (like EXABX) at your premises.

What CENTREX offers ?

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Features Facilities
Intercom dialing Short code within Group
Second Dial tone to access PSTN Optional
Distinctive Ringing Intercom/PSTN
Directed Call Wait Caller activated call wait.
Direct Inward Dialing  
Direct Outward Dialing  
Multi-location Capabilities Integrates all your establishments into a Group
Unlimited growth  
Location Dialing Integrates your existing PBX's

The Relief CENTREX gives you

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  • Highly Cost-effective
  • Intercom calls charge free
  • No worry to select innovative (PBXs) equipment
  • No risk of Obsolescence of technology
  • No power Supply Requirement
  • No need to waste valuable floor space
  • No annual maintenance charges
  • Totally flexible

Salient Features of CENTREX Subscriber

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CLIP for Intercom and network calls  
Conditional call forward On busy call, On no reply, Only PSTN calls, Only Intercom calls
Call pick up Within Group, Directed, Night Service
Call Transfer Features All Calls, Incoming calls only, Internal only
Voice/Data protection  

In addition to above distinctive feautres subscribers can have all the existing normal features like - wake up call, call wait, Dynimic lock, Abbreviated Dialling, Hot line etc.

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  • Unlimited growth
  • Security Administration on Centrex line
  • Dynamic lock control
  • Semi/Fully restricted control on originating, Terminating
  • ISDN line can also be integrated in Centrex.

Centrex Tariff