BSNL permits telephone subscribers to use their own PABX/EPABX connected to the BSNL network under certain commercial/technical conditions :
  • The type of Subscriber owned EPABX should be approved by BSNL
  • External extensions outside subscriber's premises will be permitted only on the specific approval of the concerned authority and charged as per departmental tariff. In cases where external extensions from subscriber owned EPABX are provided within the premises of the subscribers using their own cables and wires without crossing any public road, no charge will be levied.
  • Subscriber is free to use the existing internal wiring of the internal extensions left at the premises after the closure of the EPABX.
  • External extensions from subscriber owned PABX may be provided by the department and charged. Underground cables and lines may continue to be maintained by the department since the same may be required for provision of various telecom services the subscriber may require.
  • In cases where BSNL feels that the existing cables/overhead wires are not be used/likely to be used by the company the same can be made over to the user after recovering the depreciated value of assets.
  • Where subscribers themselves provide and maintain external extensions from the EPABX, applicable license fee would be charged if the extensions are crossing a public road.
  • Cases where PBX/PABX facilities are surrendered before the expiry of the guarantee period will be regulated as per Company rules.