Subscriber Owned PABX/EPABX and Telecom Services through private EPABX under franchise scheme from BSNL:

The BSNL will permit interested parties to have a group EPABX on shared basis in large multistoried building/office/department/commercial/industrial establishment and residential premises. Junctions for the EPABX will be provided on out of turn basis under NON OYT general category subject to the following general conditions:

  • EPABX should be procured from any of the types approved by the DOT.
  • The owner of the EPABX/Main hirer shall be responsible for the payment of all charges to the Department.
  • The main hirer will procure, install and maintain at his own risk, EPABX with extensions and accessories.
  • Normally no external extensions will be permitted.
  • In case of Group Housing Societies, where more than one building is constructed, External Extensions not exceeding 500 meters can be provided. These external extensions are provided and maintained by the EPABX owner. For line/cable laid across a public road, license is to be obtained from the BSNL on payment of applicable license fee.
  • The owner of the EPABX will pay the rental for the junctions and License Fee for EPABX and call charges.
  • Junction lines sanctioned on out of turn basis will not be permitted to be shifted from EPABX nor will these be permitted to work as DEL.
  • The Company will retain the right to provide telephone facility to individual subscribers in the same building/premises. The owner of EPABX will provide necessary facilities for telephone wiring.