EPABX Tariff


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Charges for Franchisee :
MCU per franchisee per month Charges per MCU (MRP) Net rate per MCU billed Effective commission per MCU

Up to 50,000

Rs 1.10

Rs 0.90


50001 to 75000

Rs 1.10

Rs 0.88

Rs 0.22

75001 to 100000

Rs 1.10

Rs 0.85

Rs 0.25

100001 to 150000

Rs 1.10

Rs 0.82

Rs 0.28

150001 to 300000

Rs 1.10

Rs 0.80

Rs 0.30

More than 300000

Rs 1.10

Rs 0.75

Rs 0.35

* Above commission shall be on non graded basis.
Note: Currently charging plan @ Rs. 1.10 per Metered Call Unit is applicable to the DID EPABX franchisees. However, some franchisees have obtained court orders for charging Rs. 0.90 per unit for first 500 calls. Those DID EPABX franchisees choosing to withdraw court cases and adopting the above structure of charging (based on Rs. 1.10 per MCU) may be permitted to avail the commissions as above.

(i) Rent of PRI Rs 1750/month (Nil - if revenue Rs 25000/month/PRI)
(ii) Monthly Rental per Junction Line
(a)Outgoing & Both
way Junction
Exchange System Capacity (Lines) Monthly Rental
Rural Franchise Urban Franchise

Up to 999 lines

Rs. 120/- Rs. 160/-

1000-29,999 lines

Rs. 160/- Rs. 160/-

30,000-99,999 lines

Rs. 220/- Rs. 220/-

1,00,000-2,99,999 lines

Rs. 310/- Rs. 310/-

3,00,000 lines and above

Rs. 310/- Rs. 310/-
(b) Incoming Only Junctions

Rental for incoming junctions will be the same as for outgoing and both way junctions with a rebate of Rs. 50/- per month per junction

(iii) Registration Charges
Registration Charges will be Rs. 3000/- for exchange systems of 10,000 lines and above and Rs. 2,000 for below 10,000 lines

(iv) Installation Charges
Installation charges will be Rs. 800/- for exchange systems of 500 lines and above and Rs. 300/- for below 500 lines.

(v) Call Charges
Call Charges will be Rs. 1.10 per call unit

(vi) Free Calls
Franchisees are not entitled for any free calls against bimonthly rental

(vii) Security Deposit
Security deposit will be Rs. 5,000 for each outgoing junction (non-interest bearing) or twice the average monthly bill averaged over previous 6 months whichever is higher. Bank Guarantee for an equivalent amount of cash deposit for the security deposit is also acceptable

Charges from Extension Users :

(i) Registration Charges
Rs. 1,000/- (non-interest bearing) to be adjusted with security deposit at the time of provision of telephones

(ii) Installation Charges
Rs. 800/- up to a maximum level

(iii) Monthly Rental
Monthly rental up to a maximum of Rs. 100/- will be permitted to be charged from extension users

(iv) Security Deposit
Security Deposit up to a maximum of 12 months rental (i.e. Rs. 1,200/-) can be collected from extension user by the franchisee. This amount will be non-interest bearing

(v) Free Calls
Extension users are not entitled for any free calls against monthly rental

(vi) Charges for additional facilities
Franchisee is allowed to charge for additional facilities like plug and socket, plan instruments etc. at DTS rate. Present rates are as under:

Installation Charges for Plug & Socket Arrangement (one Plug plus Two Sockets)

Rs. 300/-

For each additional Socket

Rs. 100/-

(The one time installation charge prescribed above covers warranty for 3 years). No further rental are to be charged. If the facility requires replacement after expiry of warranty of 3 years, it shall be chargeable afresh at the rates of one time installation charge which will carry a further warranty of 3 years

per annum

For internal extensions with intercom facility

Rs. 500/-

For internal extension without intercom facility

Rs. 400/-

For external extension up to 1 km

Rs. 1,400/-
External extensions, however, shall not be provided beyond permitted distance.