Video Surveillance Services

Services launched at Ahmedabad on 16-05-2009


BSNL in association with M/s Rivacom Pvt. Limited presents first of its kind, real-time, total video surveillance solutions to safeguard your interests and ensure peace of mind in these troubled times. Video surveillance over an IP network allows you to access from anywhere, and at anytime, super sharp video feeds generated from your premises. The service offers a varied range of surveillance solutions that can be customized according to your preferences. From site survey and installation to 24*7 support, we offer total solutions with never before flexibility, accessibility, and reach and reliability that is synonymous with BSNL. So go ahead and secure your world.

Total Video Surveillance Solutions

  • Site Survey.
  • Customization & installation according to customer needs.
  • Video surveillance equipment & broadband connection.
  • 24*7 helpdesk support.
  • Storage at BSNL exchange remote location can be availed.


  • Video & audio can be viewed and downloaded from any location.
  • Fixed IP is not required. Login account name will list all registered cameras worldwide.
  • Great Video quality even at 256 kbps bandwidth, using H.264 standard.
  • Displays upto 16 cameras (from different locations) on a screen at the same time with 18* zoom, 360° pan and 90 o tilt features.
  • Secure access, sub-accounts can be authorized with different priorities and privileges.

Tariff Packages

S. N. Particulars VSBB256 VSBB512 VSLL256 VSLL512 VSLL1MB VSLL2MB
1 Access type Broadband Broadband Leased Line Leased Line Leased Line Leased Line
2 Bandwidth 256 Kbps 512 Kbps 256 Kbps 512 Kbps 1 Mbps 2 Mbps
3 No. of Cameras 1 2 1 2 4 8
4 Video Surveillance Charges/month Rs 2500/- Rs. 4500/- Rs. 5600/- Rs. 10000/- Rs. 16,000/- Rs. 24,000/-
5 On demand Storage charges for captured event Rs. 50/- per GB
6 Broadband Tariff As applicable As Applicable - - - -
7 Broadband installation charges # Rs. 250/- Rs. 250/- - - - -
8 Security  deposit of Modem # Rs. 500/- (if applicable) Rs. 500/- (if applicable) - - - -
9 Modem Outright purchase /Rental (Rs.) # As applicable # As Applicable - - - -
10 Minimum Hire period One month One Month One quarter One quarter One Quarter One Quarter
11 Advance payment One month charges One month charges One quarter charges One quarter charges One quarter charges One quarter charges

# in case the Video Surveillance services are offered without Broadband.
Following are the charges applicable for VPN ID to be configured for remote viewing:

S.N. Additional VPN ID for remote viewing Single (256 Kbps) Single (512 kbps) Extra (256 Kbps) Extra (512 kbps)
1 Per month charges Rs. 500/- Rs. 900/- Rs. 5000/- per VPN ID Rs. 9000/-

P.S. All the Service charges as above will be applicable in case the customer takes the service "with/without VPN access". However, the customer shall not be required to take the VPN ID for remote viewing in case he takes the service "without VPN access". The upload/ download will be charged as per the normal Broadband usage charges.

Frequently asked questions (FAQ's):-

What do you mean by Managed Video Surveillance Service?
Managed Video Surveillance implies that Cameras for viewing are installed at locations chosen by the customer and the video can be viewed from anywhere where the internet can be accessed. This is because the cameras used for this service are IP (Internet Protocol) based cameras. Hence the video from the site is uploaded on to a server from where the customer can download it for viewing, with internet access from a PC/laptop or mobile phone. It is refers to as “ managed” video surveillance as it reduces dependency on human abilities to secure areas.

How do I know what bandwidth/connectivity of BSNL do I need?
Our schedule for tariffs mentions different types on Bandwidth for Broadband and Leased line depending on the number of cameras the customer wants. For eg in the broadband section for 1 camera we have mentioned 256 kbps for bandwidth. With this bandwidth the video quality is fairly good. However with the same bandwidth a customer can have even 2 cameras running at 128 kbps each. But in this case picture quality will deteriorate. Hence bandwidth requirement depends heavily upon the picture quality desired. For your convenience after you fill up the enquiry form, engineer shall visit your premises and help you ascertain your bandwidth requirements as well as your camera needs.

Do I have to subscribe only to BSNL for bandwidth?
Yes, the only connectivity provider for this service is BSNL.

How do I know how many or what type of cameras I need?
We have a number of different models to suit your needs. These are priced differently based on their features- fixed camera, pan & tilt, zoom, weather proofed etc. Please contact the helpdesk for the various types of cameras. The numbers of cameras required are determined in the site survey conducted by engineers. They can even advise you on what kind of cameras you may need.

How do I subscribe to this service?
There are 2 ways of getting to know more about INSTA VIEW- you can go to Value Added Services on the BSNL site or directly log on to the Rivacom Website, enquire through our helpdesk. Though all channels you will be required to fill up an "Enquiry Form” giving details about yourself. Once this form is accepted, engineer shall visit your premises.

If you are not a BSNL customer, then you will need to apply for a BSNL Broadband or Leased Line Connection. Once BSNL Broadband or leased line connection is installed, Rivacom engineer shall come and install the cameras (based on the assessment in the site survey) at your premises. M/s Rivecom has a 24 by 7 helpdesk (toll free number) to cater to technical problems.

How do I learn to operate the system?
During the installation of the cameras, Rivacom engineers shall train the user to use this extremely user friendly system and also educate you about its various features which you might decide to use at any point of time. For any further queries you can contact on toll free number.

What happens once the cameras have been installed?
Once the installation is done you will be given a unique user name and password. This you shall enter in the use to login at the Rivacom/BSNL video surveillance webpage. You have the liberty to change this password. Once you login you can view the video of your camera/cameras, adjust picture frames, record, create sub user accounts and much more!

How will I be billed for this service?
You shall be billed monthly for this service by BSNL depending on the tariff plan chosen. Regarding the camera purchase, you shall be billed one time by Rivacom at the time of after the installation of the camera/cameras at your premises.

What is the warranty of the cameras?
All our cameras come with a 1 year warranty.

What is the procedure for storage of the video?
Data storage can be subscribed for on a monthly basis. This monthly charge entitles you to a fixed GB capacity. Once you subscribe for storage all you need to do is click the button for storage once you open your account. You can play back the stored video anytime from your account and back it up if you like.

Contact Details:-

Toll Free No: 1800 233 7931

Regd. Office:-
Apt 6A, 28, Ferozeshah Road, New Delhi- 110001,
Ph: 91-11-2332172, 23329668, 5535339
Fax- 91-11-2372248,

Corporate Office:-
120, Ansal Bhawan, 16, Kasturba Gandhi Marg, New Delhi- 110001, India.
Ph: 91-11-23718020, 41520380/82/83/87
Fax: 91-11-23713141

Branch Office:-
74, 7th floor, City Center, Swastik Cross Road, Ahmedabad-380009,
Tele/Fax Office No: 079-264 24627