WINGS FOLLOW ME (Fixed mobile convergence)

BSNL provides WINGS Follow Me services between mobile and IMS Fixed (landline). It is one type of Call forwarding or call follow service. Customer can divert the incoming calls of other numbers in the Group to any one number in the group. This means customer do not miss any call at any time and remains always in touch with the world

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  • It enables users multiple number services at one place.
  • It is possible to terminate the call on either of the numbers or both the numbers in parallel or in a sequential manner.
  • It is postpaid service.
  • Maximum 9 numbers can be added in a Follow me group including the primary number which should be a NGN Landline.
  • Any number can be mapped as connect number for receiving the calls by dialling the activation code from any number in FMC group.
  • Deactivation can be done from any number in the FMC group.

How WINGS Follow Me Works?

Service Activation Code: 12891xx (where xx = 71 to 79).
Service De-activation Code: 12891xx (where xx = 88).
Suppose subscriber has three numbers of BSNL:
A --- home number. (Activation code 1289171)
B --- office number (Activation code 1289172)
C --- mobile number (Activation code 1289173)

Any subscriber D (BSNL or other PLMN) calls above number.
When User is at home and he can receive all incoming calls on the home number by dialling 1289171 from either A,B or C.
When user is in office and he can receive all incoming calls by the office number by dialling 1289172 from either A,B or C.
When User goes outside and he can receive all incoming calls on the mobile number by dialling 1289173 from either A,B or C.

FMC (Fixed Mobile Convergence) tariff  (under Post Paid Scenario) –

Promotional Tariff plan for fixed mobile convergence (FMC) service in case of intra circle:-
Number of members in a Group
Monthly Rental (Intra Circle)(in Rs.)
upto 9 Nil
Feature & other terms & conditions to continue as per existing regular tariff

i. The master billing number must be NGN IMS number. Billing will be done on this master number only.
ii. As part of this service customer can register up to 9 other BSNL numbers (combination of GSM+IMS PSTN only) including IMS master landline.
iii. This service is applicable for BSNL customer only.
iv. FMC works in within same circle only.
v. FMC is not available while roaming.
vi. No separate security deposit is required for this service.
vii. It will be responsibility of applicant to ensure FMC group numbers provided are either of his/her own or friends/family after consent from them.