WINGS VIDEO CONFERENCE (Multimedia Video Conferencing)

Using this service a NGN fixed line users can setup an audio conferencing or video conferencing between himself and up to 29 more participant. Customer can schedule an Audio/ Video conference any time at his own desire, by adding participant numbers to the conference. Any Fixed line / Mobile customer can be invited to participate in the conference.

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  • PAN INDIA Service For Subscribers of All Types of Network
  • MMVC service (Pilot No.) would be provided to BSNL NGN Landline only.
  • Using NGN Conference Portal, chairperson can have
    • Scheduled Conference – which means the conference will be created in a scheduled time.
    • Instant Conference – which means the conference is created instantly after scheduling successfully.
  • Chairperson can schedule Voice / Video / Data Conference, at his will, by adding participant numbers to the conference. Any NGN / Landline / BSNL /Any operator Mobile customers can be invited to participate in the conference.
  • The Personal Address Book service in the portal enables conference schedulers to add contacts in their personal address books to the participant list.
  • Participants invited to Scheduled conference can be notified through email and calendar invitations.
  • Before the conference starts, the conference scheduler can modify or cancel the conferences scheduled by him.
  • The conference scheduler can query the information of the current conferences or history conferences scheduled by him.
  • Automated Dial Out option is available for Scheduled conferences.
  • It allows three or more users registered and authorized to join in a multimedia conference and communicate in real-time using audio and video.
  • It is possible to use audio, video and text such as power point presentations (PPTs) simultaneously.
  • It is possible to record the conference.
  • Conference coordinator have control options like muting certain participants, making a particular participant invisible from others, document sharing, voting for a decision.
  • It is possible to include any combination of phones, SIP terminals and PC/mobile Soft-clients in a conference.
  • Customer should have at least one BSNL IMS/ PSTN number to avail the BSNL Wings Video Conference service

How BSNL Wings Video Conference works ?

  • Customer will be provided with the userid and password for login into the NGN conference portal to schedule the conference.
  • Participant can dial the bridge number 12502 or +918024441555 and access the conference by entering conference id and password communicated via SMS and email. Participants can also join the data or video conference on laptop/ PC through NGN Conference Portal, or through various app provided for mobiles (like m-meeting)


Particulars Audio Conference Video/Data/Video+Data+Audio Conference
Security Deposit
No. of Participants
Session length charges in( Rs.)
Session length charges in( Rs.)
2-10 Rs.1/- Minute
Rs.1/- Minute
11-30 Rs.3/- Minute Rs.3/- Minute
31-60 Rs.5/- Minute Not applicable
Call charges for joining conference NIL w.r.t BSNL N/W through access code 12502
Any other charges(i.e. resheduling,cancellation,recording,SMS etc) Nil Nil

Bill Discounts:-

  • No Discount up to Rs. 5000/-
  • 5% between Rs. 5000 to Rs. 9999/-
  • 10% between Rs. 10000 to Rs. 19999/-
  • 20%> Rs. 20000/- and above.

MMVC Activation Procedure