Other Charges
1.Re-connection Fee
Disconnected due to default of payment
(i) Telephone connection/plug point Rs. 100
2.Transfer Fees
(i) For transfer of telephone connections to near relative. Rs. 200
(ii) Third party transfer Rs. 500
3.Shifting Charge
i) External Shifting of Landline   Rs. 300/- per shift
4.Safe Custody

 Charges for urban Area     Rs 50/- per month

Charges for rural Area     Rs 30/- per month
Note: Minimum Period for safe custody will be three month. 

5.Phone Plus Facilities (Special Services)
(i) Abbreviated Dialing BSNL has decided to offer all Phone Plus Services including CLIP facility free of cost to its customers subject to following conditions:
  • Technical feasibility & availability
  • First come first serve basis
  • The CLI facility will be provided only after production of purchase receipt of interface approved CLI indicator by subscriber
(BSNL circular no. 106-9/2002-Comml. dated 22.1.2003)
(ii) Call Transfer/forwarding
  • Call transfer facility is available only within BSNL Network-PSTN & Cellular.
  • Call Forwarding facility to other network(other than BSNL) may also be available as per mutual agreement to this effect if signed later with other operators.
(iii) Hotline facility
(iv) Three party conferencing
(v) CLIP facility