Wireless in Local Loop(WLL) Mobile Telephone Connections:

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BSNL WLL-M is a communication system that connects customers to the The BSNL Landlinenetwork using radio frequency signals instead of conventional copper wires, for the full or part connection between the subscriber and the exchange This comes with superior voice quality and high speed data capabilities. CDMA is popular with more than 100 million subscribers worldwide, and the number keeps on increasing exponentially.
  • Terminal Type: Hand Held Terminal.
  • Service using Hand Held Terminal (WLL-M service)
In this case, subscriber can carry a small handset of CDMA technology. There is no antenna or any other equipment at subscribers premises.
  • Why Choose BSNL'S BSNL WLL CDMA Mobile
BSNL's WLL service is the most reliable and affordable service giving you the best of both fixed line telephony & Mobile telephony. It offers host of value added services at virtually no cost to our esteemed subscribers. Customer may get the handset by paying premium approx. Rs. 20/- per month only for the comprehensive policy taken for the cost of handset.


BSNLWLL-M offers you a host of value-added services:
  • Voice-mail service: 24 hour personal call answering service
  • Call waiting: allows you to receive an incoming call while already engaged in one call
  • Call hold: allows you to put a current call on hold and make a second call
  • Call divert: allows you to divert calls within your SDCA
  • 3-way call conferencing: allows a conference between 3 persons from your mobile handset
  • CLIP (Caller Line Identification Presentation): Enables you to view the number of the calling person when you receive a call
  • CLIR (Call Line Identification Restriction): Enables you to block presentation of your own number on a called person's phone
  • Dynamic STD/ISD locking.
  • Data / Fax transmission (upto 14.4.kbps).
  • Morning alarm / Hotline