WLL One India Plan


Fixed Monthly Charges   Rs. 180
Free calls   50
Unit call rate   Rupee One
Particulars Pulse in sec. Call Charges
Own Network Fixed, WLL 180 Rs. 1.00/ 3min.*
Own Network Cellular (94) 60 Rs. 1.00/min
Other Network (Fixed) 180 Rs. 1.00/ 3min.
Other Network (WLL, Cellular) 60 Rs. 1.00/min.
Intra Circle calls more than 50 kms & Inter Circle Calls (Own and Other Network)
Fixed, WLL, Cellular 60 Rs. 1.00/min.
Calls made from SDCA adjoining Delhi and terminating in Delhi Gurgaon/Faridabad/Bahadurgarh/Ballabhgarh/Sonepat (Kundli) SDCA of Haryana Circle and Ghaziabad/Noida/Loni/Meerut/Modinagar/Sikandrabad SDCAs of UP circle)
Particulars Pulse in sec. Call Charges
Any Fixed and MTNL's WLL 120 Rs. 1.00/ 2 min.
Any Cellular 120 Rs. 1.00/min.
WLL (Other network) 60 Rs. 1.00/min
Calls made from Gurgaon/Faridabad/Bahadurgarh/Ballabhgarh/Sonepat (Kundli) SDCA of Haryana Circle to Ghaziabad/Noida/Loni/Meerut/Modinagar/Sikandrabad SDCAs of UP circle and Vice versa
Particulars Pulse in sec. Call Charges
0 - 50 kms (Own network)Fixed/WLL 180 Rs. 1.00/ 3 min.
0 - 50 kms (Other Network)Fixed/WLL/Mobile 60 Rs. 1.00/min.
more than 50 kms (All network) 60 Rs. 1.00/ min.
Average rate for ISD calls per minute in Rs. : Uniform across all plans For Details click here
PSTN Charges for Dial up internet access under BSNL ONE INDIA
Time Band Pulse Charges per hour
0730-2230 Peak Hours 375 sec Rs. 9.60
2230-0730 Off peak hours 750 sec Rs. 4.80

* Local and Intra circle calls up to 50 kms are chargeable at Rupee one for 3 minutes.
The above package will be applicable for both Rural and Urban subscribers.

Additional Instructions:
  • The above Plan is not meant for Local/STD/ISD PCO's franchisee.
  • The change in plan shall be implemented as per existing practice.
  • Other terms and condition shall remain unchanged.
  • This order shall be effective from 16th January 2007 (Midnight of 15th January 2007 and 16th January 2007)
  • Service Tax will be charged extra.