Growth Plan

BSNL has continued its growth story ever since its formation and presently it is one of the largest & leading public sector units in India, providing a bouquet of telecom services: Wireline, GSM mobile, CDMA mobile, Internet, Broadband, Carrier service, MPLS-VPN, VSAT, VoIP, IN Services, etc. BSNL has customer base of 126.82 million as on 30.04.2019.

New Services introduced/planned by BSNL

3G Services : BSNL has covered 6,302 cities with 3G services across the country and all 2G customer have been enabled for 3G facilities.

Broadband services : The shift in demand from voice to data has revolutionized the very nature of the network. BSNL is poised to cash on this opportunity & has planned for extensive expansion of Broadband services. BSNL has increased minimum download speed to 2 Mbps. BSNL has covered more than 1.73 lakh villages with Broadband services. BSNL has rolled out Fiber to the Home (FTTH) service in all the circles in the country. BSNL is also providing info-entertainment to the customers through partnership with content providers.

Value Added Services : BSNL is focusing on provision of value added services/features to attract high end customers and to double its revenues from VAS

Fibre to Home(FTTH) : To meet demand for high bandwidth services, BSNL has rolled out FTTH services (GPON & GE-PON) in 2010 for the first time in the country. As on 30.04.2019, BSNL has provided over 3.47 lakh FTTH connections in the country.

Important Projects under implementation

  • In Phase VII+ GSM expansion project the present rollout status, total 13,313 3G BTSs & 8,934 2G BTSs have been commissioned in North,South & East Zones.
  • GSM expansion project under name Phase VIII.4 has been finalized for the following:
  • Replacement of old equipment having high operational cost & AMC.
  • Addition of 3G capacity for increasing 3G footprints.
  • Introduction of 4G services.
  • Migration of Wireline customers from legacy Network to Next Generation Network(NGN).
  • Roll out of Wi-Fi service: A Total Number of 41020 Wi-Fi Hotspots has been commissioned till 31.03.2019 through various projects which includes through revenue shatre model with Hotspot Service providers(HSSPs), through Capex Project and through agreement between USOF and BSNL at rural telephone exchanges of BSNL throughout the country.
  • Augmentation of Optical Fibre network.
  • Executing DoT’s work of building alternate communication infrastructure for Defence(NFS).
  • Executing BBNL’s part work/project of high Speed Broadband connectivity to Panchayat(NOFN).
  • Installation of Mobile Towers in Left Wing Extremism (LWE) areas.
  • Implementation of Comprehensive Transmission-Development Plan for North Eastern Region to lay down OFC.