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BSNL has a well structured and multilayered Customer Grievances Redressal Mechanism including Customer Dispute Resolution Mechanism. The Customer Redressal setup in BSNL has been introduced right from the Corporate Office to SSA (Secondary Switching Area) levels.
  1. BSNL strives to provide uninterrupted telecom services to the valuable customers. BSNL has an extensive grass root level Fault Restoration System (FRS) to book the complaints and ensure prompt rectification of any fault. For this customer is required to call Local Number 198 for booking/ registration of his complaint/grievance.
  2. Customer may use following toll free "consumer care numbers" for booking their complaints at our Complaint Centres (Call Centres). The details are tabulated below:
    S. No. Type of Service Toll Free No.
    1 For Basic Services including Broadband Services 1500 or 1800-345-1500
    2 For CDMA & WiMAX Services 1502 or 1800-180-1502
    3 For GSM Mobile Services 1503 or 1800-180-1503
    4 For Broadband and Internet Services 1504 or 1800-345-1504
    5 For Blackberry Services 1505 or 1800-180-1505
    6 For MPLS and other Data Services 1800-425-1957
    Customer may dial these "Consumer Care Numbers" to obtain general information on the respective service. Thus these numbers also act as "General Information Numbers".
  3. BSNL is committed to provide state of the art Telecom services to its customers and comply with the quality benchmarks as prescribed by TRAI or set forth by itself from time to time.

  4. a)Quality of service benchmarks set for customers of Wire Line connections/ Services :
    S. No. Service Parameter Time Limit for provision of service/ redressal of complaint
    1 Provision of Telephone Connection 100% within seven days(subject to technical feasibility)
    2 Repair of Fault (a) 100% within three days for urban areas and (b) 100% within five days for rural/ hilly areas (subject to technical feasibility)
    3 Shifting of Telephone Connection Within three days
    4 Closure of Telephone Connection Within 7 days
    5 Percentage of Billing Complaints resolved within four weeks 100%
    6 Time taken for refund of deposit after closure Within sixty days of date of closure
    b)Quality of service benchmarks set for customers of mobile services.

    S. No. Service Parameter Time Limit for provision of service/ redressal of complaint(TRAI Benchmark)
    1 Resolution of billing/ charging complaint 100% within 4 weeks
    2 Period of applying credit/ waiver/ adjustment to customer’s account 100% within 1 week
    3 Accessibility of call centre/ customer care >= 95%
    4 %age of calls answered by the operator (Voice to Voice) >= 90%
    5 %age requests for Termination/ Closure of service complied 100% within 7 days
    6 Time taken for refund of Deposit after closure 100% within 60 days
    c)The Quality of Service benchmarks set for customers of Broadband connections/ service

    S. No. Service Parameter Time Limit for provision of service/ redressal of complaint(TRAI Benchmark)
    1 Provisioning of BB Connection 100% within fifteen days (subject to technical feasibility).
    2 Repair of Fault Within three days
    3 Billing Performance (a) Percentage of Billing Complaints resolved. (b) Time taken for refund of deposits after closure (a) All billing complaints to be resolved within four weeks. (b) All cases of refund of deposits to be made within sixty days of date of closure.

Telecom Consumers Complaint Redressal Regulation, 2012

Pursuant to the TRAI’s new Regulation called the Telecom Consumers Complaint Redressal Regulations, 2012, BSNL has replaced its three-tier Complaint Redressal Mechanism by two-tier system by doing away with Nodal Officer. Under these Regulations, every complaint at Complaint Centre (Call Centre) shall be registered by giving Unique Docket Number, which will remain in the system for at least three months. Every Complaint Centre (Call Centre) shall
  1. At the time of registering of complaint
    1. communicate through SMS to the consumer, the docket number, date and time of registration of the complaint and the time within which the complaint is likely to be resolved; and
    2. update the system with date and time of registration of the complaint, docket number, the telephone number of the consumer and the time indicated to the consumer for resolution of the complaint;
  2. On completion of action for redressal of complaint,
    1. communicate to the consumer through SMS of Redressal of the complaint along with action taken on the complaint; and
    2. Update the system with details of action taken.
Interactive Voice Response System (IVRS), if installed on a "Consumer Care Number" shall operate in the following manner:
  1. the first level of the IVRS provides for language selection;
  2. the second level of the IVRS provides for options relating to the broad categories of complaints and service requests;
  3. the third level of the IVRS provides for a sub-menu under complaints and service requests, separately;
The sub-menu in the third level also contains option enabling the consumer to speak to a consumer care agent.
BSNL has established "Web based Complaint Monitoring System" to enable the consumers to book and monitor the status of their complaints in their respective Service Areas.

The details about booking and monitoring the complaints on "Web Based Monitoring System" is given below:
  1. Step-1: Open BSNL website
  2. Step-2: Click on customer care. The following will appear on the screen:-
New Service Request Complaint Booking Status Status of Appeal
Register for New Services For Booking Dockets For Tracking Service Requests/ Complaint Bookings For Tracking Appeal Docket Status
Landline/ Broadband Landline/ Broadband Landline/ Broadband Appeal status only
Leased Lines Leased Lines Leased Lines  
  1. Step-3: Choose and click on Landline/ Broadband or GSM/ WLL for New Service Request, Complaint Booking and for Tracking Status of Service Request/Complaint Booking/Appeals.
  2. Step-4: Select the Circle and use online services without registration or with registration
Details about address for booking and monitoring the complaints on "Web Based Monitoring System".
  1. The details of Web based Complaint Monitoring System shall be published in a leading newspaper in Hindi/ English and in Local language of service area once in six month and also through its telephone bills
  2. Any change in the address of the "Web Based Complaint Monitoring System" shall also be intimated to the consumers in the same manner stated above
Appellate Authority

Name and designation of the Appellate Authority of respective Service Area along with his contact telephone number, FAX number, e-mail id and office addresses is displayed in his office, Complaint Centre (Call Centre) and Customer Service Centre (CSC) and can also be seen on BSNL website.
Details of Public Grievance Appellate Authority (Telecom Circle wise)
Please Use the following form to find out the PG Appellate Authority in your Circle
Please Choose Your Circle:
Appeal to appellate authority for redressal of consumer grievances.

  1. If the consumer is not satisfied with the redressal of his complaint by the Complaint Centre or, if his complaint remains unaddressed or no intimation of redressal of his complaint is received within the period specified, such consumer may prefer an appeal to the Appellate Authority through e-mail or FAX or post on in person as per details given above after expiry of time limit specified for redressal of grievance as early as possible and positively before three months after expiry of time limit specified for redressal of grievance. Two member Advisory Committee comprised of one member from Consumer Organization registered with the Authority and other member from BSNL (at least one level below the Appellate Authority) has been set up in each Service Area separately to offer an advice on all such appeals preferred to the Appellate Authority.
  2. Registration of Appeals and scrutiny by Advisory Committee - The Secretariat of appellate authority shall -
    • immediately on receipt of an appeal, register it by assigning a unique appeal number;
    • acknowledge the appeal, within three days of its receipt, by sending the unique appeal number through SMS or e-mail to the consumer;
    • forward within three days from the date of receipt of the appeal, a copy of the appeal to the concerned section of Circle office and/or concerned SSA Head for filing a reply, within seven days, along with the relevant information, document or record; and
    • within two days of receipt of the reply from the concerned section of Circle office and/or concerned SSA Head, place the reply, along with the appeal, before the Advisory Committee for its consideration
    • The Advisory Committee shall render its advice on every appeal placed before it within fifteen days.
    • The Secretariat shall, within two days of receipt of the advice of Advisory Committee, place before the appellate authority, the appeal, the reply received from the concerned section of Circle office and/or concerned SSA Head and the advice of the Advisory Committee, for its consideration.
  3. Disposal of appeal by appellate authority
    • The appellate authority shall ensure uniformity in the procedure for deciding appeals and comply with the provisions contained in succeeding Paras.
    • The appellate authority shall within ten days of appeal being placed before it, conduct such inquiry as it may consider necessary and dispose of the appeal by passing a reasoned order in writing stating therein the points for determination and the decision thereon;
      Provided that the appellate authority shall while deciding the appeal, give due consideration to the advice given by the advisory committee;
      Provided further that in case the appellate authority decides the appeal otherwise than in accordance with the advice of the advisory committee, it shall record the reasons for the same in the order passed by it.
    • The presence of the appellant shall not be obligatory but he may, if he so desires, appear in person to present his case before the appellate authority.
    • On disposal of the appeal by the appellate authority, the secretariat cell intimates the decision thereof to the appellant and the concerned officer in BSNL.

Telephone Adalat cum Open House Session:

BSNL conducts “Telephone Adalat cum Open House” sessions at district/SSA level and circle level to resolve long pending grievances and to interact with customers to get direct feedback about BSNL services. Cases which are not resolved in the routine first level processes or the prescribed time limit are considered and resolved. The grievances relating to telecom services such as excess billing complaints, service complaints, non-provision/delayed provision of telephone connections etc are resolved during these sessions. It covers all Telecom Services provided and billed by the respective Telecom Circles/Districts. Telephone Adalat cum Open House headed by SSA heads also considers the cases of excess billing which have been rejected by them as Administrative heads. The Adalat headed by CGMs considers the cases of appeals against the decisions of the Adalat chaired by SSA head and the cases which are not individual and /or having a representation in whole of the Circle. The appeal is based on the facts presented before the SSA Telephone Adalat cum Open House. Verbal or written complaints presented on the spot are also taken up during Telephone Adalats cum Open House.
These sessions are conducted once in two months at district level and once in three months at circle level.

If a consumer is not able to get his/her complaint/ grievance redressed through the above said 2-tier Consumer Grievance Redressal Mechanism in BSNL, he/ she can book his/her complaint /grievance at BSNL Corporate Office either through letter/ Fax/ e-mail or through telephone as per contact details given below:

S.No. Name of Public Grievance Officer/ Designation Office Address Telephone Number E-Mail Address
1 GM(CDN) Room No. 27, IR Hall, Eastern Court, Janpath , New Delhi-110001 011-23717055 011-23312021 (FAX)
2 AGM(PG)/DM(PG) O/O GM (CDN),BSNL CO IR Hall Eastern Court, Janpath , New Delhi-110001 011-23766621

If a complainant is not able to get the complaint redressed through 2-tier mechanism of Consumer grievances, click CPGRAMS Link below for lodging the grievance.

Advisory about the role and responsibility of the Directorate of Public Grievances(DPG). (Hindi) (English)