GSM PCO Tariff


1.1 Activation Voucher for GSM PCOs :
Particular GSM PCO
Activation Charges in Rs. 178
Service Tax & Cess @ 12.36% in Rs. 22
Sale Price of SIM  in Rs. 200
Talk Value in Rs. 50
Validity (in days) 7

1.2 Tariff for GSM PCO
Call Charges(Inclusive of S. Tax) GSM PCO GSM CCB PCO
Pulse in sec. Rs. per minute Pulse in sec. Rs. per minute
All Intra Circle Calls 60 1.00 60 1.00
All Inter Circle Calls 60 1.00 60 1.00
ISD calls  ISD Calls Tariff (Same as for Landline ISD Call Tariff ) Click here >>>>  NA
a) Local/National 1.00 1.00
b) International 5.00 5.00
c) Other value added SMS As per existing tariff(prepaid)

1.3 Recharge Vouchers for GSM PCO
Sale Price(Incl. of ST & Cess) in Rs. Talk Value(incl. of ST & Cess) in Rs. Validity (Days) Return on Investment for PCO Operator
210 300 15 42.86%
345 500 30 44.93%
660 1000 45 51.52%
5800 10000 60 72.41%

1.4 Validity Vouchers for GSM PCOs :
MRP / Card Value in Rs. Validity in days Discount
150.00 30 Nil
400.00 90 Nil

Particular Amount
Sale Price* of GSM  FWP Handset excluding SIM Rs. 2100/-
*Sale tax/VAT as applicable on the sale price of Handset will be extra.

Following freebies are offered with the sale of GSM based FWP's w.e.f 25.01.2010.
  • 4200 minutes free On-net calls (Local/STD) at the rate of 350 minutes per month will be allowed over a period of one year along with the sale of GSM based FWPs available with BSNL.
  • Free minutes allowed for a month is to be utilized in the month for which it is allowed & no carry forward will be allowed.
  • The existing sale price of Rs.2100 will continue to apply. Sales tax/VAT as applicable on the sale of handset will be extra.
  • All other terms and conditions will remain same.
The above tariff will be effective from 25.01.2010 .

3.0 Other Terms and Conditions
  • Uniform Grace period of 15 days is allowed for all value of cards. No additional grace period is allowed. No outgoing call is allowed during the grace period. The unutilized balance amount in the previous card can be carried forward in case of renewal within the grace period, otherwise it shall lapse.
  • The GSM PCO holder has to arrange for the Fixed Cellular Terminal (FCT) inclusive of bill printing mechanism or GSM Terminal at his own cost.
  • SIM and Recharge vouchers will be sold from the BSNL Customer Care Centre and authorized dealer i.e. Franchisee/BA/DSA.
  • The GSM PCOs can be allowed to any person as per the existing terms and conditions for Landline PCOs.
  • No security deposit in the form of cash/Bank guarantee etc. is required to be taken in the case of Prepaid GSM PCOs.
  • No service charge is allowed for intra circle calls. However for inter circle calls, considering stiff competition, the charging of service charge is not mandatory.
  • The GSM based PCO holder will be allowed to move anywhere within the Licensed Service area. However, roaming facility should be barred.
  • It may be made mandatory for such PCO holder to ensure BSNL branding prominently at the site. In case, such PCOs are installed in mobile Vans, the Van must have BSNL branding on both sides and top of the Van.