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Guidelines for BSNL Mobile Subscribers with International Roaming Facility

Welcome to the world of International Roaming:

Now you can Roam world-wide * and stay in touch with your nears and dears with the same BSNL GSM Mobile Number. Please spend few minutes to go through this online guide. It will guide you step by step as to how the International Roaming Facility can be utilized optimally.

List of Operators and Countries

The List of Operators and Countries where you can roam using the BSNL International Roaming SIM card is available on BSNL website.

Find the name of the Country in the list where you propose to visit. View the names of the Operators in the table against the name of that country. Mobile network of these operators are available for you to roam in that country.

Please click here to register your international roaming related complaints :

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Handset required for roaming in the network of a foreign operator

Roaming in the foreign Operator's mobile network requires you to use a compatible handset. Networks of most of the Operators world-wide operate in the same frequency band as that used by Indian GSM networks i.e. 900 / 1800 /2100 Mhz. However, many GSM mobile networks in North and South American Continents operate in 1900 Mhz. frequency band. Some networks in these continents even use 850 Mhz. frequency band. It is mandatory to ensure that your Mobile handset is capable of working in the frequency band(s) as used by the networks in the country you are visiting. BSNL subscribers going to Japan and South Korea may note that compatible handsets are available at the Airports in these countries on rent, however, the subscriber should arrange to confirm the same on his own.

Procedure for selecting International Roaming option in the SIM card:-

Problem reporting**:-

In the unfortunate eventuality of having any difficulty in availing the International Roaming facility inspite of following the instructions as mentioned above, you may please report your problem to BSNL call center on: - +91-9434024365.

  • The credit limit of a subscriber is based on the amount of his Security deposit. Usage beyond Credit limit during the billing period would result in disconnection. As such, in case a subscriber anticipates, his usage to be higher than his credit limit during the billing period specially for his roaming abroad, he may get his credit limit enhanced by depositing additional security deposit, before hand. Subscribers may contact the person as stated in Para 4 above, for availing this facility.
  • It is the responsibility of the subscriber to ensure that his usage abroad is within the limits as prescribed by FEMA (Foreign Exchange management Act) from time to time.

*List of Operators and Countries is available on BSNL website, however, the same is subject to change without prior notice.
**Quality of Service provided by a network of a country, may vary from time to time without notice.