mobile Roaming

Call Forwarding

In case you are in a meeting or your Cellphone is switched off,using the Call Forwardinh feature,you can forward your calls on a fixed line or a cellphone where someone can see messages on your behalf.You can also forward an incoming call while speaking to someone.

You can activate Call Forwarding either by using the menu function of your cellphone or by using the codes mentioned alongside.

Use the menu function to scroll to Call Forwarding and activate for the following options:
  • All calls
  • If busy
  • If no reply
  • If not reachable/switched off

All fowarded calls are billed the same way the regular call is billed.
Calls that are forwarded to the CellOne Voice Mail,are not charged for airtime.

Condition To start To stop
To forward all calls Enter **21** number # OK Enter ##21#OK
To forward calls while you are speaking to Someone else Enter **67* number # OK Enter ##67#OK
To forward calls if you don't answer the incoming calls Enter **61*number#OK Enter ##61#OK
To forward calls if your CellOne phone is switched off or is out of reach Enter **62*number#OK Enter ##62#OK
To cancel all preset conditions Enter ##002#OK

Please Note:-
while entering a cellular number,make sure you use the international code before the number
For example,for entering 98110xxxxx,enter +9198110xxxxx.