Voice Mail Service

Though you may miss a call,you will never miss what the caller has to say with CellOne Voicemail.It's truly mobile voice mail.

CellOne Voice Mail Service ensures that the customers never miss their calls even when their phone is busy,switched off,out of coverage, or the customer is simply too busy to take the call.In such cases,CellOne VMS greets the caller and records a message from the caller,which the customer can retrieve later at his convenience from anywhere in the world. This is available to all our post-paid customers.

It's like having your very own ,mobile personal secretary and answering machine who listens to your incoming calls,greets the caller and stores the messages left by the caller so that you can listen and call them back later.

Isn't your life real cool and easy!



In the beginning, when you want to start using your Voice Mail Service, you have to first activate your personal Voice Mail box by defining the conditions for diverting the calls.first go from MENU to the CALL DIVERT feature. You need to refer to your handset manual as the process differs from the handset to handset. Your handset will show you the four different conditions under which you can divert your calls. You can choose any one of them.

  • PHONE BUSY ( whenever you receive acall on your mobile phone while attending another call, it will get diverted to your VMS )
  • NO REPLY (if you can't or don't want to answer a call, it is automatically forwarded to your VMS after few seconds )
  • NOT REACHABLE ( if you are not in the BSNL coverage area or if your handset is switched off, your call is diverted to your VMS.)
  • UNCONDITIONAL ( in case you don't wish to be disturbed, you can direct all your calls to your VMS)

After selecting your option, you will be asked to enter a number. Press 91 94xxxabcde (where 94xxxabcde is your 10 digit mobile number). Once your chosen option is set , the calls will be diverted to your mailbox.

How to Record you Greetings?
  • Dial 17000
  • The system will ask you to enter your password. Press 9 - 1 - 1 - 1 - 1 - 2 and you will be asked to record your greeting. End recording by pressing # key . Press 2 and speak out the new greeting .

How to set your Secret Password?
For complete confidentiality, you can set a secret password to ensure that no one else can access or listen to your messages. Dial 1700 , Press 9 - 1 - 3 and enter your password.

How to Access your Voice Mail?
As soon as you receive a voice mail , you will be alerted by an SMS on your cell phone. To access your Voice Mail from your own BSNL Cellular phone , dial 17000. The system will ask you to enter your password (the default password is 1234 but it is recommended that you set your own secret password). Follw the prompts and start listening. To access your voice mail from a land line phone , dial 9415017000.

Important Tips...
  • Always keep a confidential password to ensure no one else can access your mailbox.

  • Always record a personal greeting and modify it to suit your requirements. For example ,if you are going out of town,leave this information as an outgoing message in your mailbox.

  • Delete messages after listening to them,unless you want to retain them.

  • Encourage people to leave a message in your mailbox by being prompt in returning their calls.