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--Recruitment of "Graduate Engineer to the post of Junior Telecom Officer(Civil & Electrical)(JTO(C) JTO(E))" in BSNL from open market through valid GATE Score-2019 under Special Recruitment Drive(SRD) for SC,ST & OBC Candidates.
    1) Online Registration link
    2) Advertisement
    Click here for details.
--Recruitment of Management Trainee (External) of Telecom Operations in BSNL.Registration is put on hold till further intimation
-- Recruitment of Management Trainee (Internal) of Telecom Operations in BSNL.
    Click here for registration
-- Policy for empanelment of IOs from willing Retired DoT/BSNL/MTNL officers of level of Deputy Secretary or above of Dot or DGM of BSNL/MTNL.
--"BSNL Swavlambi Scheme 2016" for ITI holders in Trade Apprenticeship training under Skill India initiative.For details please visit website www.apprenticeship.gov.in for registration in BSNL
-- Fake/bogus letter of Award for Comprehensive Contract for passive infrastructure of BSNL Telecom Towers to M/s D.M Logistics, New Delhi.
    (It is brought to notice of all concerned that no such letter(Annex-1) has been issued by any of the BSNL office. Such letter of award for comprehensive contract for Uttrakhand State (Republic of India) for passive infrastructure of Telecom Towers of Bharat Sanchar     Nigam limited is fake. All are warned that they should not entertain such letter.If they do so,it will be entirely at their risk and BSNL shall not be responsible)
-- Whistle Blower Policy of BSNL
-- BSNL offers WiFi modem at Rs. 1500/- with FIVE years warranty support & 100% Cashback
--BSNL has been assigned 'AAA (SO)' [Triple A Structured Obligation] Credit Rating by M/s CARE Ratings for its Long Term Bank Facilities of Rs. 8000 Crores
--All donations towards the Prime Minister's National Relief Fund(PMNRF) are notified for 100% deduction from taxable income under section 80G of the income tax Act 1961

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About the Company

Bharat Sanchar Nigam Ltd. was formed on 1st October, 2000. It is having Pan India presence except Delhi and Mumbai and is an integrated telecommunications company It has installed large Quality Telecom Network in the country. The Company is working on expanding and upgrading the network to provide service in new areas and to introduce new telecom services. The company has experienced manpower with vast experience in planning, installation, commissioning and maintenance of Mobile Switching & Transmission Networks. It has an in-house world class ISO 9000 certified Telecom Training Institutes.


  1. Be the leading telecom service provider in India with global presence.
  2. Create a customer focused organization with excellence in customer care, sales and marketing.
  3. Leverage technology to provide affordable and innovative telecom Services/products across customer segments.


Be the leading telecom service provider in India with global presence.

  1. Becoming the most trusted, preferred and admired telecom brand
  2. Providing reliable telecom services that are value for money.
  3. Generating value for all stakeholders – employees, shareholders, vendors & business associates.
  4. Excellence in customer service -friendly, reliable, time bound, convenient and courteous service.
  5. Offering differentiated products/services tailored to different service segments.
  6. Developing a marketing and sales culture that is responsive to customer needs.
  7. To explore International markets for Global presence.
  8. Maximizing return on existing assets with sustained focus on profitability.
  9. Changing policies and processes to enable transparent, quick and efficient decision making.

Bharat Sanchar Nigam Ltd. was formed on 1st October, 2000. It is having Pan India presence except Delhi and Mumbai and is an integrated telecommunications company. It has installed large Quality Telecom Network in the country. The Company is working on expanding and upgrading the network to provide service in new areas and to introduce new telecom services. The company has experienced manpower with vast experience in planning, installation, commissioning and maintenance of Mobile Switching & Transmission Networks. It has an in-house world class ISO 9000 certified Telecom Training Institutes.


BSNL serves its customers as a one stop solution to all telecommunication needs with the largest bouquet of telecom services. The company offers wide ranging and most transparent tariff schemes designed to suite every customer. Click here for details of the services being offered for the entire India barring the cities of Delhi and Mumbai.

Landline and Broadband Services

a) For detail of services available under Landline, BB(FTTH), Wi-Max, Wifi and Wings (go to => www.bsnl.co.in and then => Landline & Data )


b) For detail of services available under Mobile (go to => www.bsnl.co.in and then => Mobile & data)

Corporate Services

c) For detail of services available under Corporate Services (go to =>www.bsnl.co.in and then =>Corporate Service)

SERVICE STANDARDS: The quality of service benchmarks

BSNL is committed to provide state of the art uninterrupted telecom services to its customers and comply with the quality benchmarks as prescribed by TRAI or set forth by itself from time to time.

(A)Quality of service benchmarks as admissible to consumers for Basic services (wire line).

S. No. (1)

Service Parameter (2)

Time Limit for service request or redressal of complaint (3)

(i) Provision of Telephone All cases within seven days (subject to technical feasibility)
(ii) Fault Repair All the cases within three days for urban areas and all the cases within five  days for rural/ hilly areas (subject to technical feasibility)
(iii) Shift of Telephone Within three days
(iv) Closures Within 7 days.
(v) Percentage of Billing Complaints resolved within four weeks 100%
(vi) Time taken for refund of deposits after closure Within sixty days after closure.

(B) The bench marks as admissible to consumers for broadband service is as below.

S No. Service Parameter Time Limit for service request or redressal of complaint
(i) Service Provisioning
/Activation Time
All cases within fifteen days (subject to technical feasibility).
(ii) Fault Repair / Restoration Time Within three days
(iii) Billing Performance (a) Percentage of Billing Complaints resolved. (b) Time taken for refund of deposits after closure (a) All billing complaints to be resolved within four weeks.
(b) All cases of refund of deposits to be made within sixty days after closure.

(C) Quality of service benchmarks as admissible to consumers for mobile services.

S.No. Service Parameter Time Limit for service request or redressal of complaint/TRAI Benchmark
(1) Resolution of billing/charging complaints 100% within 4 weeks
(2) Period of applying credit/waiver/adjustment to customer’s 100% within 1 week
(3) Accessibility of call centre/customer care >= 95%
(4) %age of calls answered by the operators (Voice to Voice) >= 90%
(5) %age requests for Termination/Closure of service complied 100% within 7 days
(6) Time taken for refund of Deposit after closures 100% within 60 days

Complaint Booking Channels:

(1) IVRS/Call Centers (Tier- I)

S.No. Type of Service Toll Free No.
(1) For Basic Services including Broadband Services 1500 or 1800-345-1500
(2) For CDMA & WiMAX Services 1502 or 1800-180-1502
(3) For GSM Mobile Services 1503 or 1800-180-1503
(4) For Broadband and Internet Services 1504 or 1800-345-1504
(5) For MPLS and other Data Services 1800-425-1957

(2) Web-Site/Online

(a) Customers can book Online Complaints at BSNL website ( www.bsnl.co.in)

For Landline and Broadband Complaints: Customer Care – One click.

For Mobile:

(b) In addition, Customers can also book complaints through BSNL’s “Public Grievances Redressal management System” (PGRMS) by clicking at and through CPGRAMS (Central Govt. PG portal) by clicking at https://pgportal.gov.in/

(3) E-mails: : Complaints can also be booked through e-mail addresses which are available under Circle websites. The same can be accessed by clicking www.bsnl.co.in

(4) Facebook/Twitter : Complaints can also be lodged from BSNL Facebook page BSNL India, www.facebook.com/CMDBSNL, Twitter accounts Twitter/BSNLCO and www.twitter.com/CMDBSNL.

(5) SMSs: The complainants can also be booked by sending SMS to Short Code 53334/long code 9478053334. The details can be accessed at https://bit.ly/2VmQWXc

(6) Walk-in: BSNL has vast network Customer Care Centres. Besides these local officers are available to listen to complainants in person.

(7) Mobile Application: Customers can also access BSNL services through “My BSNL” Mobile Application for Android and Windows smartphone. The same can be downloaded from https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=in.bsnl.portal.bsnlportal&hl=en_IN .

Contact Detail of Appellate Authority.

If the consumer is not satisfied with the redressal of his complaint by the Complaint Centre or, if his complaint remains unaddressed or no intimation of redressal of his complaint is received within the period specified, such consumer may prefer an appeal to the Appellate Authority through e-mail or FAX or post or in person within a period of 30 days after expiry of time limit specified for redressal of grievance. Appellate Authority will entertain an appeal even after expiry of said period of 30 days but before three months after expiry of time limit specified for redressal of grievance. Two member Advisory Committee comprised of one member from Consumer Organization registered with the Authority and other member from BSNL has been set up in each Service Area separately to offer an advice on all such appeals preferred to the Appellate Authority.
Name and designation of the Appellate Authority of respective Service Area along with his contact telephone number, FAX number, e-mail id and office addresses is displayed in his office, Complaint Centre (Call Centre) and Customer Service Centre (CSC) and can also be seen on BSNL website.

Please click here for filling Appeal. Please ensure to send duly filled form complete in all respect by email to Appellate Authority with a copy to appellateco@bsnl.co.in

Details of Public Grievance Appellate Authority (LSA Wise) to find out the PG Appellate Authority in your Circle.

Please Use the following form to find out the PG Appellate Authority in your Circle
Please Choose Your Circle:

Either You did not choose the Circle or the Data is not available at this moment. Please try later

Step-1. Please Choose your Circle: by click on blank box.

Step-2. Click on submit box to find out the PG Appellate Authority.

In addition to the above, changes in Appellate Authority is also published in two leading newspapers, one in Hindi or English and other in the local language of service area within 7 days of appointment of Appellate Authority beside update the BSNL website.

If a consumer is not able to get his/her complaint/ grievance redressed through the above said 2-tier Consumer Grievance Redressal Mechanism in BSNL, he/ she can book his/her complaint /grievance at BSNL Corporate Office either through letter/ Fax/ e-mail or through telephone as per contact details given below:

S.No. Name of Public Grievance Officer/ Designation Office Address Telephone Number E-Mail Address
1 GM(CDN) Room No. 27, IR Hall, Eastern Court, Janpath , New Delhi-110001 011-23717055 011-23312021 (FAX) ddgpg@bsnl.co.in
2 AGM(PG)/DM(PG) O/O GM (CDN),BSNL CO IR Hall Eastern Court, Janpath , New Delhi-110001 011-23766621 ddgpg@bsnl.co.in

or Click CPGRAMS (Centralized Public Grievances Redressal and Monitoring System) Link below for lodging the grievance at =>

Procedure of Complaint Booking at Call Centre:

1) Every complaint at Complaint Centre (Call Centre) is registered by giving Unique Docket Number, which will remain in the system for at least three months.

2) Every Complaint Centre (Call Centre)

a) At the time of registering of complaint,
  1. communicates, through SMS, to the consumer the docket number, date and time of registration of the complaint and the time within which the complaint is likely to be resolved; and
  2. update the system with date and time of registration of the complaint, docket number, the telephone number of the consumer and the time indicated to the consumer for resolution of the complaint;
b) On completion of action on a complaint,,
  1. Communicates to the consumer, through SMS, of Redressal of the complaint along with action taken on the complaint; and
  2. update the system with details of action taken.
c) Interactive Voice Response System (IVRS), if installed on a “Consumer Care Number” is operated in the following manners :
  1. the first level of the IVRS provides for language selection;
  2. the second level of the IVRS provides for options relating to the broad categories of complaints and service requests;
  3. the third level of the IVRS provides for a sub-menu under complaints and service requests, separately;
  4. The sub-menu in the third level also contains option enabling the consumer to speak to a consumer care agent.

Consumer centric initiatives

1) Telephone Adalat cum Open House:

In addition to the above, subscribers whose grievances remained unsettled are invited to make petitions for redressal of their grievances in Telephone Adalat cum Open House. SSA(Secondary Switching Area) Level Telephone Adalats are being conducted on bimonthly periodicity and Circle level Telephone Adalat cum Open House are being conducted once in three months. Customers are asked to give their grievances in writing or on the spot. The concerned office to whom the case relates examines the case received by DCO and settles the case. A speaking order settling the case is communicated to the customers. For unsettled cases, a date is fixed for holding the Telephone Adalat cum Open House. The customers are invited to attend the Telephone Adalat cum Open House. The Adalat is presided over by General Manager of the area or by CGM. The order of the Adalat is communicated after hearing the arguments.

2) Consumer Education Work Shop:

BSNL conducts Consumer Education workshops periodically to enlighten and bring the awareness among the consumers, wherein the members registered with Authority (TRAI), along with the officers from BSNL attends and probable solutions are given for the queries raised by Consumers.

How we Monitor and Evaluate

  1. BSNL has put in place Centralized Billing & Customer Care System with automated Fault Repair System.
  2. BSNL has established “Web based Grievance Monitoring System” to enable the consumers to monitor the status of their complaints in their respective Service Areas. Details about address & process for booking and monitoring the complaints on “Web Based Monitoring System” .
  3. BSNL holds periodic "Telephone Adalats cum Open House" to settle
  4. BSNL also continues to make available such information in the telephone bills and also publishes once in six months in the newspapers in the manner prescribed as (a) above
  5. Any change in the address, of the “Web Based Complaint Monitoring System” shall also be intimated to the consumers in the same manner as (a) above.

Suggestions and Continuous Improvement in the system

Consumers can give their feedback and suggestions for further improvement in the services to GM (CDN) on his email id ddgpg@bsnl.co.in. BSNL strives to evaluate feedback received from the consumers either in form of grievances or suggestions and makes necessary improvement in the system to maintain the standards of the services. TRAI also issues guidelines to improve the system. Valuable suggestions given by the consumers are duly considered while reviewing “Citizen Charter” of the BSNL.


  1. Right to select operator of their choice.
  2. Right to get information regarding tariff before provision of service and every time the tariff is changed, specially adversely affecting the consumer.
  3. Right to be informed about charges, validity period and the procedure to unsubscribe before activation of any value added service, which is chargeable.
  4. Right for stoppage of all commercial calls/SMS fully or partially.
  5. Right to get the rebate of rental in case of continuous disruption of service for more than 3 days.
  6. To seek legal remedy in case the grievances of the consumer is not settled.
  7. To get refund of security deposit within 60 days of request of termination of service subject to adjustment of pending dues, if any.
  8. Right of consumers for termination or disconnection of service: The consumer can get the service offered by BSNL terminated or disconnected any point of time by applying to the local BSNL office. The consumer is, however obliged to make payment of all the bills in respect of services availed by him.
  9. Any consumer may, at any time

    1. during pendency of redressal of his grievance, whether by filing of complaint or appeal, under these regulations; or
    2. before or after filing of complaint or appeal, under these regulations, exercise his right conferred upon him under the Consumer Protection Act, 1986(68 of 1986) or any other law for the time being in force and seek redressal of his grievance under that Act or law.


Our telecom services are offered subject to the following general terms and conditions:

  1. The services are for bona fide use of the customer/his family/organisation
  2. Any person, including foreign national with valid passport, who is major(In case of minor, through guardian) can apply for a telecom service.
  3. The subscriber shall not allow use of the telecom service offered to him for any unlawful activity
  4. The provision of service is subject to the directions issued by government from time to time..
  5. The fixed services are meant for specified location and the subscriber is not authorized to shift the same without permission of BSNL.
  6. The services are offered subject to regular payment of bills by the subscriber failing which BSNL may suspend temporarily or disconnect or withdraw the service at its sole discretion..
  7. While BSNL shall endeavour to ensure un-interrupted service of reasonable quality, it cannot be held responsible for any deficiency or interruption in service due to reasons beyond its control.
  8. BSNL at its sole discretion may revise the tariff rate subject to TRAI regulations.
  9. The services can be suspended without prior notice by BSNL in the interest of public safety or maintenance of law and order or other such exigencies.

Note: In addition to above, terms and conditions specific to any service or service area including tariff are available along with the Application Forms or can be had from local BSNL offices or downloaded from our website www.bsnl.co.in

Information about RTI Matters

In terms of Section 5 (1) of the Right to Information Act, 2005, the Company has designated various officials as Information Officers (APIOs & PIOs) and Appellate authorities. The list of such officers is available at the Company’s Website www.bsnl.co.in. The concern designated APIOs, PIOs can be approached for getting the information as pursuant to the RTI Act 2005 at various places.The details are available on RTI link .


Information about Customer Service centre.

More than 4000 Customer Service Centers are operational in urban and rural areas in the country. The detailed information about Customer Service Centre is available on the respective circle’s web sites which can be accessed through BSNL main web site www.bsnl.co.in

Registered And Corporate Office:
Bharat Sanchar Bhavan.
Harish Chandra Mathur Lane
Janpath, NewDelhi-110001

[Last Revised on 26.02.2019]