mobile roaming


At CellOne, we believe you should be able to talk to whomever you want, whenever you want and wherever you want. That's why CellOne offers you Roaming services designed to meet your needs. We thus make sure that you are always just a phone call away from your near and dear ones . Your CellOne number shall remain the same wherever you are in Mumbai, Lucknow, London, Paris or anywhere else in the world.

Seamless Roaming
Since your number is the same wherever you go , the call will be forwarded to you . So no more missed calls . Further the caller does not require STD/ISD facilities to call you , if the call is being made from within the service area of your home network. All India roaming facility is available for both post and pre-paid mobile customers.

International Roaming
International roaming facility is available for CellOne subscribers for more than 300 networks across the globe.



Only one Bill

You get one consolidated bill, even if the service is utilized in more than one city of a country. What's more, with CellOne International Roaming you would be billed only in Indian Rupees.


Convenience Galore

Your PIN number doesn't change, just as your cell phone number. Imagine the convenience.


How to Activate

Fill up the Service Enrolment Form and mail/fax it to the address/number mentioned in the form.


CELLONE National Roaming

Makes you accessible across the country on one cellphone number. providing you the most comprehensive coverage in the country.